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National Ag Day - Matthew Evans at the Rural Press Club


Celebrity chef and farmer Matthew Evans celebrated National Ag Day with the Rural Press Club in Brisbane.


CELEBRITY chef, farmer and author Matthew Evans says if farmers don't believe the science of climate change, they need to at least work to reverse depleted soil carbon levels.

Speaking at the Rural Press Club in Brisbane on National Ag Day, Mr Evans said he was proud to call himself a farmer, but saddened and disappointed that many farmers chose remained silent on climate change, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence.

"We've lost 50 per cent of our top soil since the industrial revolution," Mr Evans said.

"A half to a third of the increased CO2 in the atmosphere is from our soil.

"We've buggered up our soils, turns arable soils into deserts because of European style farming."

Mr Evans was also promoting his new book The Commons, inspired by the hit SBS television show Gourmet Farmer, which captures Fat Pig Farm's year of growing, cooking and feasting.

The Commons is part how-to, part evocative diary, part cookbook (with more than 100 recipes).


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