Charolais bull tops the market at Ag-Grow complex

Buyers pay $32,500 for a young Charolais bull

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Blake and Amy Whitechurch, 4 Ways Charolais, Inverell, and buyer Alan Goodland, Clare Charolais, Theodore, with the $32,500 4 Ways Noble Khan (PS).

Blake and Amy Whitechurch, 4 Ways Charolais, Inverell, and buyer Alan Goodland, Clare Charolais, Theodore, with the $32,500 4 Ways Noble Khan (PS).


Sound results from Bettafield with 4 Ways Charolais bull sale at the Ag-Grow sales complex in Emerald.


A CHAROLAIS bull, only weeks into his third year, proved the hype around him by topping the 15th Bettafield with 4 Ways Charolais Bull Sale at the Ag-Grow sales complex, Emerald, on September 6.

Offered by David and Lynette Whitechurch, 4 Ways Charolais, Inverell, and as the first of several bulls to sell under the hammer, 4 Ways Noble Khan (PS) changed hands for $32,500, a benchmark others did not breach.

In the end buyers spent $248,500 across the combined sale of Charbray and Charolais bulls for an average of $6539. Five bulls sold for $10,000 or more.

The 12 Charbrays fetched $68,000 with a top price of $14,000 and an average of $5666. Twenty-six Charolais bulls averaged $6942 for an aggregate of $180,500.

Co-host of the sale Stephen Kajewski, Bettafield Charolais and Charbray Stud, Emerald, prefaced the auction by declaring "one of the best Charolais bulls you'll see" was about to enter the ring and Mr Whitechurch later said the 25 month-old bull was clearly the pick of his line.

"We knew from a long time out that the top-seller was going to be our number one," Mr Whitechurch said.

"His softness and his depth and his sire appeal was always going to make him attractive."

Mr Whitechurch said 4 Ways had been using Moongool bulls for 25 years and wasn't about to alter course.

"We know they work well for us so when you're on a good thing you stick to it. I'd really like to thank the buyers and the agents for their faith; we've had better sales but no-one has any spare money at the moment and it is very pleasing to see the support that we received."

Weighing 1186kg, this son of Moongool Kakadu DP2K265E (AI)(P) and 4 Ways Avoca J74E (PS) 4WCJ74E (PS) as his dam, had an EMA of 152 sq cm with a rib fat measure of 9mm, an IMF percentage of 6.4, scrotal circumference of 43 cm and motility of 80pc.

Buyers Ian Price, Moongool Charolais, Yuleba, and Alan Goodland, Clare Charolais, Theodore, were more than happy to finally get their hands on the young bull after an unsuccessful overture last year.

"We liked him when we saw him at a competition last year," Mr Goodland said. "In fact we liked him so much we put in an offer, a very good offer, but they refused.

"We got him this time and we are happy with the price because of the quality of the bull he was never going to be at the other end of the market and we think we got a good deal.

"He ticked all the boxes for us. He has the right genetics, he's so structurally sound and we were keen to get him and he will go straight into a Charolais herd."

Another of Mr Whitechurch draft, the rising 24-month-old 4 Ways North Star (P) sold for $15,000 to Rosetta Grazing about a month after being named Charolais grand champion bull at the Ekka.

It was 4 Ways North Star, exhibited by David and Lynette Whitechurch, 4 Ways Charolais, Inverell, NSW who impressed judge Wayne York to be named senior champion bull before going on to take the top accolade.

Mr Kajewski admitted trade was going to be difficult in the present circumstances of prolonged drought and tough economic conditions.

"But we are still very happy with the outcome," Mr Kajewski said.

"It was always going to be tough because it is so dry and we had already sold a lot of bulls back at Easter time to clients in the north-west who had rain then and needed bulls at the time.

"We are very grateful to everyone who came back. There were a lot of repeat buyers who know our bulls survive and do the job.

"I was very pleased to see $14,000 for a Charbray bull and the clearance was probably what we thought would happen and we are always happy to get bulls out to people who appreciate them and hopefully they will be back next year."

Lawrence and Pat Hack, Rocklea, Alpha, bought the top priced Charbray, a 24 month-old weighing 866kg and with P8 and rib fat measurements of 12 and 7 respectively and a semen motility of 85pc. He also featured an EMA of 128 sq cm and scrotal circumference of 44 cm.

Auctioneer Brian Wedemeyer hoped to have sold more stock.

"That's drought for you, yet to be be averaging over six grand is good under the circumstances and no matter where you are the better bulls sell well and the lesser bulls are a bit harder to move."

Agents: Elders and Maguires Real Estate & Livestock


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