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Introducing The Tonto by Offsider Agricultural Equipment: The ultra duty mechanical crush redefining cattle handling efficiency

Offsider Agricultural Equipment owner David Hicks at Beef 2024 with the Tonto Ultra Heavy Duty Crush. Picture supplied
Offsider Agricultural Equipment owner David Hicks at Beef 2024 with the Tonto Ultra Heavy Duty Crush. Picture supplied

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Offsider Agricultural Equipment, a leading innovator in livestock handling solutions, proudly unveils its latest masterpiece: The Tonto.

Designed in response to the real-life challenges facing cattle producers in western Queensland, the Territory, and the Kimberly regions, The Tonto offers a practical and adaptable alternative to unreliable and complicated powered crushes.

Key Features of The Tonto:

1. Innovative Headbale Design: The Tonto features an innovative headbale design, ensuring safe and secure cattle handling operations. Its radial arm smooth action walkthrough headbale boasts a 2.1m internal height, minimising the risk of head strikes and ensuring comfort for both animals and operators.

2. Largest Internal Working Area: With the largest internal working area of any crush in the Australian market, The Tonto provides ample space for efficient cattle handling. Its contained operational footprint maximises internal crush working space while maintaining practicality for use in various yard configurations.

3. Heavy-Duty Construction: Crafted from ultra-heavy-duty Australian steel, The Tonto is built to withstand the rigors of commercial operations. Its one-piece construction, incorporating a 10mm checker plate floor with raised traction cleats, ensures strength, durability, and ease of installation.

4. Quiet Operation: Designed specifically for working with rarely handled cattle, The Tonto operates quietly, minimising stress and agitation among livestock. Its low noise ratchet closure mechanism and low handle weight operation further enhance efficiency and ease of use.

5. Versatile Features: The Tonto is equipped with a range of versatile features to meet the diverse needs of cattle producers. These include height-adjustable operating handles, split radial arm entrance gate, foot-operated vet gate latch, sheeted bottom gates, and parallel ratchet squeeze for low-friction, low-operator-strength input.

"We are thrilled to launch Tonto at Beef 2024. This crush is a game-changer in cattle handling efficiency," said David Hicks, owner of Offsider Agricultural Equipment.

"Designed with input from farmers facing real-world challenges, The Tonto combines innovation, durability, and practicality to deliver unmatched performance in the field."

The Tonto is certified Australian made from Australian materials and is now available for purchase from Offsider Agricultural Equipment. For more information about The Tonto and other products, please visit offsiderag.com.au/tonto.

About Offsider Agricultural Equipment:

Offsider Agricultural Equipment is owned and run by Andrea Brosnan and David Hicks - sixth generation and fifth generation farmers. Based in Killarney, Queensland, Offsider Ag is focussed on developing livestock handling equipment that works. Made to withstand Australian conditions and Australian livestock, Offsider Agricultural Equipment has been recognised with multiple innovation and design awards. Working to meet the demands of real world livestock handling, Offsider Agricultural Equipment is at the vanguard of ethical, innovative manufacturing.

This is branded content for Offsider Agricultural Equipment