Emerald Coaches are going green

Emerald Coaches chase zero net missions


Emerald Coaches announces $100 million project to convert their fleet of 120 buses to hydrogen power.

Michael and Rachael Baulch at Emerald Coaches depot.

Michael and Rachael Baulch at Emerald Coaches depot.

Emerald Coaches- a privately owned Australian transport operator, have committed to a zero-emissions target by introducing hydrogen fuel cell electric buses into their fleet from 2022.

A first of its kind in Australia, the $100 million project to convert their fleet of 120 buses to hydrogen power will offer a completely sustainable transport solution with benefits to the environment, local community, and passengers

A timely announcement ahead of the COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow this weekend.

Emerald Coaches' diesel-powered vehicles currently use over 1 million litres of fuel every year, producing 3,100 tonnes of greenhouse emissions.

Under the e-Mission zero project, the entire fleet will be replaced by hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles producing zero emissions by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Federal Government's net zero emissions target.

Emerald Coaches will be utilising rainwater captured onsite with a renewable powered electrolyser to generate the hydrogen to power the fleet.

Emerald Coaches Director, Michael Baulch said Australia's transport industry is one of the most energy intensive in the world.

"We believe renewable hydrogen is the future of the transport industry. It's a natural gas that is extracted from water making it a completely clean and sustainable fuel source. The only thing to come out of the exhaust is water," he said

Rachael Baulch, Director, Emerald Coaches said the company had proudly provided transport services within Australia the past 40 years and was proud to lead the way in committing to net zero emissions.

"We are hoping to have a positive impact on our community and our team and encourage other business sectors to consider doing things differently," she said.

"There will be many opportunities to provide jobs and ongoing education in a completely new and innovative space, right here in Emerald."

The first two hydrogen powered vehicles are planned for 2022, with the entire fleet to be powered by hydrogen fuel cell electricity by 2040.

Interest in hydrogen as a renewable energy source is on the rise around the world and green hydrogen is the cleanest form of this natural gas.

With approximately 90% of fuels used in Australian derived from oil sourced from abroad, locally produced green hydrogen will help offset the risk of fuel disruption and price instability.

Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Mark Bailey congratulated Emerald Coaches on their $100 million commitment to convert their diesel buses to hydrogen fuel cell buses.

"The transport industry produces approximately 14% of greenhouses emissions and today's announcement is a great example of how the private sector can play an important role in seriously addressing the impact of climate change," Mr Bailey said.

"We look forward to working with Emerald Coaches to support them in delivering their zero-emission strategy."

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