Faces of Patsy Kemp Drover book launch

Popular author Patsy Kemp publishes second book on the life of being a drover daughter

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Patsy Kemp Drover launches her second book about growing up in 'the long paddock'.


Author Patsy Kemp certainly doesn't gloss over her life or the hardships as the daughter of a drover when her mother joined her droving dad, Mick Kemp, on the road when she was three months old.

The Kemp family which included seven children traversed southern Queensland and into New South Wales lived in a small wagonette where privacy just didn't exist.

Patsy published her first book 'The Drover's Daughter' some five years ago that included her life from her earliest memories from 5 to 15 years and that book has gone to be be a very popular read.

Her latest book, 'The Drover's Daughter Rides Again', takes the reader back to her earlier life, and that after droving. It includes her life travelling overseas, then coming back to Australia as a shearer's cook, farm hand, cotton chipper and now acclaimed author after being happily married and disappearing into the sunset as Trish Blackwell.

Queensland Country Life has a full interview with Patsy which will appear in the coming issues of Town and Country.


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