Trials reveal highest yielding sorghum

Highest yielding sorghum varieties revealed

CHOICE: The sorghum NVT program aims to provide growers with independent information, informing their choices when deciding on which hybrid to sow.

CHOICE: The sorghum NVT program aims to provide growers with independent information, informing their choices when deciding on which hybrid to sow.


The state's highest yielding hybrids have been revealed.


Queensland's highest yielding sorghum varieties have been revealed in the GRDC's 2021 National Variety Trials Sorghum Harvest Report.

In its report, GRDC stated the performance values for grain yield were from four seasons and should be taken into consideration.

It said the values may not be representative of the long-term seasonal conditions experienced by growers in their individual situations - especially since three of the past four seasons have had extreme conditions dominated by extensive drought.

"When choosing a hybrid grain sorghum variety, do not rely on the results from a single trial conducted at one location in only one year," it said.

"Successful sorghum production is a combination of good agronomic practices combined with the best hybrids available for your conditions."

A total of 16 grain sorghum hybrids were submitted by Barenbrug, Pacific Seeds, Pioneer Seeds, Radicle Seeds and S&W Seed Company.

No data was available for Springsure, Miles and Bongeen due to trial failure.

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Southern Queensland

At Dalby, Pacific Seeds Resolute performed the best at 3.9 tonnes per hectare. It was followed by Pioneer A75 at 3.88t/ha and Pacific Seeds Halifax at 3.83t/ha.

For Pampas, the highest yielding hybrid was A75 at 7.12t/ha. The variety with the next highest yield was Halifax at 6.8t/ha, followed by Resolute at 6.71t/ha.

Halifax scored the top result at Billa Billa with a yield of 3.17t/ha. Next in yield was Resolute at 3.16t/ha, and that was followed by A75 at 3.05t/ha.

Condamine was topped by Halifax at 1.8t/ha. Second to it was Resolute at 1.72t/ha and in third spot was Barenbrug Cracka with 1.67t/ha.

Central Queensland

At the Clermont location, Resolute performed the best at 3.51t/ha. This was followed by Halifax at 3.46t/ha and Barenbrug HGS-114 at 3.33t/ha.

Kilcummin's best sorghum hybrid was A75 at 2.62t/ha. Following it was Pioneer A66 with 2.48t/ha and S&W Tanami at 2.47t/ha.

Capella and Dysart were taken out by A75 with a yield of 4.28t/ha. A66 was next with 3.85t/ha, followed by S&W Gibson at 3.78t/ha.

Halifax topped Rolleston at 3.79t/ha. Second was Resolute with 3.75t/ha, while third was A75 at 3.56t/ha.

Duaringa and Theodore were topped by Resolute at 4.57t/ha. Halifax was next at 4.51t/ha, while A75 was third at 4.27t/ha.

Phase 1 of the sorghum NVT program began in July 2017.

The program was continued, capturing two summer cropping seasons, 2017-18 and 2018-19. Following support from growers, the program was conducted again in 2019-20 and 2020-21

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