Experience the boarding school life

Experience the boarding school life

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The Boarding Experience Days concept at Townsville Grammar School gives families an opportunity to stay overnight in the boarding house and experience boarding life first hand.


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Families are invited to take part in Townsville Grammar School's Boarding Experience Days, an overnight experiential program scheduled at the end of the Term 2 holidays.

Director of Boarding, Mr Jaye Beutel, said the Boarding Experience Days concept gives families an opportunity to stay overnight in the boarding house and experience boarding life.

"This program is great for the children as they can try out boarding with the comfort of having mum and dad with them, Mr Beutel said.

"It also gives parents a fantastic insight into our boarding culture and the chance to meet our team."

Mother Karen Kennedy of Richmond, Queensland, said the experience of staying overnight at the boarding house gave her family enormous peace-of-mind.

"Our eldest daughter attended the Boarding Experience Days in 2019 and it was a fantastic experience for her; she made a group of friends and it put her in a better frame of mind, having seen and experienced how things are done in boarding," Karen said.

"Going to the Boarding Experience Days took away the nervousness of starting boarding school - she was excited to start and that made all the difference.

"Attending this program is important in helping to choose the right boarding school. We will do the same for our second daughter when the time comes for her to go to boarding school," she said.

The overnight program includes some information sessions, activities for the students, and some time to relax in the environment of the school.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer the program again this year, and warmly invite families who are interested in trying out Grammar boarding to take advantage of this opportunity," Mr Beutel said.

"Our experience is that families who participate in this program end up feeling very assured after having such a hands-on experience.

"Children have the opportunity to meet other students who may be boarding with them in the following year and the chance to establish familiarity and friendships."

A sense of community that has never been stronger

Townsville Grammar School has been providing boarding for 132 years and the school's sense of community has never been stronger.

The school is looking forward to another fantastic year that will continue to enrich their story where boarding has always, and remains, at the heart of the wider TGS community.

The Boarding Experience Days 2021 is on Sunday July 11 starting at 12:00pm and running through to 10.30 am Monday July 12.

For more information visit www.tgs.qld.edu.au/boarding

Register your interest by emailing boarding@tgs.qld.edu.au