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A revolution in monitoring

The mOOvement GPS ear tags communicate with your device using a LoRa (Long Range) network. Its a new technology that allows connectivity in remote places.

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Agri-tech company, mOOvement's solar powered GPS ear tags are now the first commercially available monitoring ear tag in the market.

MOOvement sales director Daniel Rieder said this technology, which allows cattle producers to monitor their herd in real time anywhere on their property, has introduced another level of production efficiency across the Australian beef industry.

"It's terrific to get mOOvement into the market and to make it a part of cattle operations all over the world. mOOvement is the only GPS ear tag in the market that is compact and light, easy to apply and remove. It's powered by integrated solar panels and is reusable," Mr Rieder said.

mOOvements GPS ear tags for cattle will allow the real-time tracking of individual animals and provide a wealth of insights for forward thinking beef producers.

mOOvement is a one stop solution that provides the equipment producers need to start tracking their cattle., incorporating GPS ear tags, an antenna to receive the GPS locations, and the software that enables monitoring and analysis of the data that's provided.

"The GPS ear tags communicate with your device using a LoRa (Long Range) network to allow for connectivity in remote areas. Only the antenna needs connection and this can be at the homestead."

mOOvement provides:

  • Accurate monitoring of the location of cattle within a detailed property outline
  • Health alerts to your phone or device when cattle aren't moving
  • Out of fence alerts when a bull or cow breaks through
  • Paddock grazing pressure analysis
  • View the last five known locations of the animal instantaneously
  • The distance one bull walks, which can be compared to others

Company co-founder Pieter Vogels said the product was developed to fill a gap in the marketplace.

"Finding labour has also become a challenge with more and more people driven towards cities. This leaves farmers shorthanded; they have to increase salaries to attract the right people," Mr Vogels said.

"As production costs rise, there is a need for technical solutions to make production more efficient, less time consuming, and of course cheaper," he said.

Mr Vogels said another benefit of using a LoRa network is the ability to quickly and affordably integrate other devices such as mOOvement water monitoring technology.

"It uses the same hardware and allows cattle producers to see if their stock has access to water without doing the traditional 'water run'," he said.

mOOvement sales director Daniel Rieder said the technology has introduced another level of production efficiency across the Australian beef industry.

The company is based in Brisbane and employs ten people locally, but the tags are sold in 17 countries, including New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, the US and South Africa.

"We have about 10,000 tags in the field internationally, most of them in Australia."

Mr Vogels said in the future, producers will benefit from software updates and more features that haven't been released at this stage.

  • Discover how mOOvement can make managing your herd easier by visiting the team in Rockhampton at Beef Australia 2021 in the Ken Coombe Tech Yards, Site 8

This is sponsored content for mOOvement