Triple treat at Cooyar campdraft

Cooyar Agricultural Society expands to three-day campdraft


Cooyar is recovering from a huge weekend of campdrafting, which saw a total of 1460 runs throughout three days of competition.

Cooyar is recovering from a huge weekend of campdrafting on the northern Darling Downs, which saw a total of 1460 runs throughout three days of competition.


When the local show was not able to be held on its usual weekend the Cooyar Agricultural Society decided to expand the campdrafting section out from its usual day-and-a-half program.

It is used to managing a program of up to 1000 nominations but to cater for the 1260 nominations this year, it started at 5.30 on Friday and Saturday mornings to make the most of available daylight.

The result is all the more remarkable given that the three-day Burrandowan campdraft was also taking place 100km up the road.

One of the organisers, Paul Barron said they had had a couple of hundred people on a waitlist that they couldn't fit in.

The program included a ladies draft for the first time in 20-plus years.

Cattle were all donated from properties in the region.


Ausure Ladies Draft

  • 1 Kimberley Sammon riding Rustic Metal
  • 2 Kara Spoor riding Gunning Down
  • 3 Kellie Bond riding Clifford
  • 4-6 Holly Dawson riding Sapphire
  • 4-6 Taylor Heit riding Chic Chic Boom
  • 4-6 Simone Klaus riding Boo Boo Cat
  • 7-9 Felicity Burton riding Oaks Penny
  • 7-9 Abbey Franz riding Brenwon Rocket
  • 7-9 Bridey Jonas riding Hollywood Oceans
  • 10 Susan Danastas riding Marnies Lawgirl

Oakey Beef Exports Open Draft

  • 1 Rohan Marks riding Gangman
  • 2-3 Felicity Burton riding Elsola Rey
  • 2-3 Marcus Curr riding Legacy
  • 4 Laurie Beard riding Dee Jay Cat
  • 5 Susan Danastas riding Roxy
  • 6 Brett Fitzgerald riding Bob-Cat
  • 7 Arran Houlden riding Dawn
  • 8 Holly Dawson riding Finale
  • 9 Jayley Jaenke riding Tassas Jasmine
  • 10 Marcus Curr riding Teaspoon

Stanwell Maiden 4 Maiden Draft

  • 1 Nash Killalea riding Moonan Acres Caribou
  • 2 Tammie Stower riding Wambianna Scamp
  • 3 Robert Knowles riding Spook
  • 4 Ryan Wallen riding Dandilla Waratah
  • 5 John Trace riding Brian
  • 6-13 John Boon riding McLaughlin's Darcy
  • 6-13 Mark Collins riding Sheza Roy
  • 6-13 Desmond Dessaix riding Doux
  • 6-13 John Haines riding High on Hank
  • 6-13 Fred Hansford riding Tiree Cattlelyn
  • 6-13 Jake Jasinski riding Kingston Golden Gun
  • 6-13 Kristie Sinclair riding Cats Candy
  • 6-13 Rylee Turner riding Turners Stud Matlock

Martins Stock Haulage Novice Draft

  • 1 Rohan Marks riding Gangman
  • 2 Dennis Jones riding Hollywood Oceans
  • 3 Joel Hill riding Fletch
  • 4 Mick Cuddihy riding Cuddihy's Lewis
  • 5-6 Jye Banks riding Cinderella Cat
  • 5-6 Andrew Stallmann riding Rathcool Elmo
  • 7-9 Jake Gray riding Juliette's Romeo
  • 7-9 Barry Groves riding Beyonce Soda Breeze
  • 7-9 Kate Southern riding Conmark
  • 10-11 Mary Atkins riding Abby
  • 10-11 Josh Hurley riding Little Sussie

Bendigo Bank Junior Draft

  • 1 Ellie Gollan riding Ringo
  • 2 Alex Edwards riding Silver Remedy
  • 3-4 Sally Knight riding Jack
  • 3-4 Grace Muller riding Secret
  • 5-6 Seth Jendra riding Indianna Jones
  • 5-6 Jayde Thies riding Beau
  • 7 Wyatt Hall riding Houdini
  • 8 Taylor Foster riding Sophie

Bendigo Bank Juvenile Draft

  • 1 Mitch Lunney riding Neeka
  • 2 Abbie Pratt riding Taldora
  • 3 Baylee Evans riding Nyanda Crazy Cat
  • 4 Molly Thiem riding Monica
  • 5 Holly Barron riding Prestige
  • 6 Samantha Hughes riding Lonesome
  • 7 Giaan Frame riding Tiny
  • 8 Harrison Wieland riding Willowdale Chase

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