Milk-tooth Brangus heifers make $1340 at Laidley


The market was firm to dearer at Laidley.

There were 542 head yarded at Stariha Auctions Laidley cattle sale on Thursday. A good line-up of quality cattle saw the market firm to dearer for all descriptions. Feeder cattle values were increased.


John Hudson, Ropeley, sold a Limousin bull for $2900, Charolais cows for $1660 and 12-month-old Droughtmaster cross heifers for $1220. Gerber Farms, Clarendon, sold a Friesian bull for $2250 and Friesian steers calves for $720. Mark and Melissa Taylor, Mt Whitestone, sold Limousin cows for $1380 and 1355, milk-tooth steers for $1365 and $1350 and heifers for $1335 and $1230.

Trevor and Lorelle Niebling, Laidley, sold Droughtmaster cows for $1660 and seven-month-old heifers for $900. Ashley Carrington, Woodbine, sold Santa cows for $1470, 16-month-old Brangus cattle, with steers making $1455 and $1410 and heifers $1370 and 10 to 12-month-old weaner steers for $1220.

Scot Wright, Ingoldsby, sold Angus cows for $1300, lines of 14 to 15-month-old Angus heifers for $1390, $1370 and $1320 and six-month-old Angus calves, with steers making $980 and heifers $930. George Miller, Woodbine, sold Brahman cows for $1500 and milk-tooth steers for $1250. Milan Kutija, Summerholm, sold Brahman cows for $1500.

Lori Johnson, Lower Mt Walker, sold a line of Droughtmaster heifers 18 to 22 months, for $1300. Allan and Lynn Edridge, Laidley sold milk-tooth Brangus heifers for $1340 and 10 to 12-month-old Limousin cross heifers for $1080. Bruce Schulz, Ropeley, sold a line of 12-month-old Charbray heifers for $1280.

Ron Zwynenberg, Tarampa, sold a line of milk-tooth Charbray heifers for $1265. Robert Holman, Ropeley, sold a line of Charolais cross steers for $1700. Hoger Brothers, Ropeley, sold five to six-month-old Charolais steers calves for $1280 and $1060. Ron Monro, Mt Tarampa, sold Droughtmaster steers for $1580.

James Xerri, Carbrook, sold Droughtmaster cross steers for $1320, $1200 and $1130. Graeme Mair, Woodlands, sold a line of Droughtmaster steers for $1440. Reinke Family, Mt Sylvia, sold Santa steers, 15 to 18 months, for $1620 and $1400 and weaner steers for $1105 and $1070. Fred and Lexi Scott, Veradilla, sold lines of Limousin steers, 12 to 15 months, for $1460, 1290 and $1110.

Karen Roberts, Grandchester, sold Angus steers for $1370 and $1145. Bernard Mahon, Stockyard, sold Limousin cross steers, 12 months, for $1280. Gina Drew, Mt Mee, sold Brahman cross steers for $1290. Peter and Elaine Horrocks, Mt Whitestone, sold mixed breed lines of steers for $1100 and $1030.

Michael and Madonna Lyons, Thornton, sold lines of Droughtmaster cross steers, eight to 11 months, for $1110 and $990. Kevin and Anne Utz, Coominya, sold Simmental cross weaners, 10 months, with steers making $1065 and heifers $990. Darren Schiefelbein, Glamorganvale, sold Limousin/Angus calves, four to five months, with steers making an impressive $1000 and heifers $830.


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