Weaner heifers reach 453c

Weaner heifers reach 453c


There were 4784 cattle and 6404 sheep from Queensland offered on AuctionsPlus last week.


Cattle numbers for the state increased by 614 head for a total of 4784 head listed. Southern Queensland was both the top listing and purchasing region for the week, offering 1899 and securing 2085 head.

Cow and calf units ranged from $1850 to $3380 and averaged $2450, easing $18. From Milmerran, a line of two to three-year-old Angus cross cows with CAF weighing 418kg sold for $2310.

PTIC heifers saw prices increase $76 to average $1882 selling from $1110 to $2400. From Boulia, a line of Santa Gertrudis heifers weighing 445kg sold for $1810 and will be heading to SA.

A dearer price trend ensued for PTIC cows last week, up $50 on the previous week's average, selling from $1400 to a top of $2600. From Stanthorpe, a line of six-year-old Poll Hereford PTIC cows weighing 523kg returned $2090.

Demand for heifers strengthened again last week. Heifers under 200kg sold for 453c. This price was returned by a line of six to nine-month-old Angus and Angus cross weaned heifers weighing 159kg, offered by Weber & Scanlan, Brigooda.

Heifers 280-330kg sold from 371c to 540c, averaging 432c, up 7c. A line of 19 to 20-month-old Brahman heifers weighing 312kg returned the top price for Samari Brahmans, Roma.

Steers under 200kg sold from 518c to 598c, averaging 543c, back 20c. From Durong, a line of seven to 11-month-old Angus weaner steers weighing 197kg returned 553c and are heading to Dalby.

Steers 280-330kg sold from 314c to 502c, averaging 454c up 20c. Angus weaner steers aged 10-11 months from Toobeah weighing 274kg, returned 520c.


Queensland sheep offerings were back 705 head last week for a total yarding of 6404 head. Southern Queensland secured the most numbers for the state, with 1305 head purchased.

Merino wethers averaged $130, selling from $122 to $140, a $10 increase on the previous week. From Isisford, a line of wethers aged 1.5 to 3.5 years weighing 59kg returned $140 and are headed to Longreach. Another line of wethers aged three to five years from Winton, weighing 54kg returned $122 and are heading interstate to Forbes in central western NSW.

Store lamb prices sold between 311c to 642c, averaging 408c. A highlight includes a line of Oct '19/Jan '20 drop dorper mixed sex lambs from North Talwood, which weigh 42kg and returned $140 or 330c.


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