Light weight yearling steers 486c, average 456c at Warwick

Light weight yearling steers 486c, average 456c at Warwick


The good panel of restockers at Warwick included some southern buyers.


The number of stock penned at Warwick experienced little change at 634 head.

Export buyer attendance was not as good as the previous week. However the usual feed and trade buyers were in attendance and operating, and the good panel of restockers included some southern buyers.

The southern activity on the young light weight yearling steers and heifers lifted average prices by 20c to 24c/kg. Yearling steers to feed for the domestic market averaged 8c/kg dearer. Yearling heifers to feed experienced only quality related price changes.

The slightly smaller number of cows penned sold to a mixed trend, with good heavy cows 7c/kg less, while plain condition cows received very little change in price.

The fair sample of light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock made to a top of 486.2c to average 456c/kg. Yearling steers to feed the domestic market made to 430c to average from 402c to 412c/kg.

A small sample of heavy weight yearling steers to feed made to 403c to average 388c/kg. A couple of pens of heavy weight B muscle steers to the trade made to 408.2c/kg to return $2266/head.

Light weight yearling heifers returning to the paddock averaged 409c and made to 442c/kg. Yearling heifers under 330kg to feed averaged 5c dearer at 399c, and made to 408c/kg.

A handful of heavy grown steers made to 346c, and a couple of bullocks over 750kg made to 348.2c/kg.

Medium weight 2 score cows averaged 250c, and heavy weight 2 scores averaged 267c/kg. Good heavy cows made to the occasional 311.2c to average 294c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 328.2c/kg.


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