Charbray weaner steers make 421c/$824 at Moreton

Charbray weaner steers make 421c/$824 at Moreton


Weaners and backgrounders met strong competition at Moreton on Tuesday.


Boyd O'Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 428 head on Tuesday. The market remained firm to dearer across the board, as lines of coastal bred weaners and backgrounders met extraordinarily strong competition.

Cows and ox sold to dearer rates as did grain assisted trade. As numbers shorten, feeder steers and heifers sold to a strong panel of buyers. Vealer and yearling heifers met strong competition as restockers push to fill paddocks.

Charbray weaner steers account Dean Pilon, Merrimac, sold for 421.2c weighing 195.7kg to return $824. The Rice family, Fernvale, sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for 417.2c weighing 172.5kg to return $719. Droughtmaster weaner steers account I and C Coyne, Mt Marrow, sold for 405.2c weighing 199.2kg to return $807.

Leanne O'Reilly, Boonah, sold Santa cross weaner steers for 400c weighing 270kg to return $1080. Euro cross weaner steers account Bryers & Co sold for 407.2c weighing 212.5kg to return $865. Charolais cross weaner males account Chris McConnel, Cressbrook, sold for 393.2c weighing 205kg to return $806.

Droughtmaster cross milk-tooth grain assist steers account Craig Redgwell sold for 369.2c weighing 337.5kg to return $1246. Angus cross grain assist steers account B and K Klan hit 368.2c weighing 390kg to return $1436. Charolais cross feeder heifers account Pecan Pastoral Company sold for 365.2c weighing 338.8kg returning $1237.

R and H Cowan, Charlwood, sold pasture fed 2-tooth and 4-tooth steers for 350.2c weighing 468.8kg to return $1642. Euro cross feeder steers account Cameron Clifford, Colinton, sold for 358.2c weighing 425kg to return $1522.

Charolais cross cows account Karreman Quarries, Toogoolawah, sold for 314.2c weighing 655kg to return $2058. Usher Pastoral Co, Lamington, sold Droughtmaster cows for 315.2c weighing 650kg returning $2049.

James Herrmann, Prenzlau, sold Brangus cows for 281.2c weighing 550kg to return $1546. Goldthrill Pty Ltd sold Brahman cows for 272.2c weighing 474kg to return $1290. RD Bishop, Moore, sold a Charbray bull for 352.2c weighing 905kg to return $3187.


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