Now is the time to introduce new minds to ag

View From the Paddock: Now is the time for fresh minds

Youth agvocate Callan Daley.

Youth agvocate Callan Daley.


We have been championing agriculture's ability to provide fulfilling, prosperous and vibrant careers and it's time to capitalise.


As I finally get the chance to sit down and collect my thoughts for the View from the Paddock this week I can reflect on the last month or so. In a time when the rest of the world claims to be slowing down and isolating, the gears of agriculture continue to spin with increased traction.

There has been an amazing response from the agricultural community over the last few weeks while we witnessed the rest of the world lean heavily on our ability to place food on the table. Fantastic, a great first step.

However, a hot topic over the last decade has been our struggle to attract the fresh, bright minds that we need to innovate and prosper as an industry. We have been championing our own ability to provide fulfilling, prosperous and vibrant careers.

It is time to capitalise. We have a unique opportunity to bring bright new minds into agriculture. Not only is it fresh in people's minds that agriculture flourished during the 'panic buying' or often provides a clean, safe environment to work in, there is a glut of talented individuals seeking employment in a stable industry.

If we ignore this opportunity to reach out, worldwide, to those that are seeking the exact career option that agriculture can provide them with we have done our industry an injustice.

Personally, my company in the agtech sector has already taken the opportunity to speak to software developers in the United States whose companies have been forced to downsize.

I also have several school friends who have begun looking outside of urban Queensland for employment opportunities. They're itching to take this opportunity to get experience in a rural lifestyle or work remotely for anyone that could use their services.

The timing works. This pandemic has forcefully shoved the world towards the ability to work remotely and to explore our national food security. Remote career options will steadily increase and technology investments will match our need to operate remotely.

There are always tough times ahead, and now is no exception. The rain still needs to fall, the crops still need to be harvested. But take heart that there are thousands of talented individuals out there that will be invaluable to our success as an industry in the coming years.

Take advantage of the positives as there sure are plenty of them out there.

- Youth agvocate Callan Daley


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