Murray Grey steer makes $2000 at Laidley

Murray Grey steer makes $2000 at Laidley


Local restockers were very strong at Laidley on Thursday.


There were 556 head yarded at Stariha Auctions Laidley cattle sale on February 13.

On a wet week, those vendors who managed to get their cattle in were rewarded with excellent prices across the board. Local restockers were very strong, along with western buyers, feedlots and processors.

Dean Veivers, Staplyton, sold a line of 20 to 22-month-old Droughtmaster cross steers for $1710. Premalaw Pty Ltd, Neurum, sold lines of 20-month-old Braford cross steers for $1500, 12-month-old Brangus steers for $1180 and eight-month-old Brangus steers for $1010.

Jayke Jackwitz, Lowood, sold lines of cows and calves, with Charolais cross making $1825, Droughtmasters $1700 and Santa's $1425. Dennis Tones, Anduramba, sold a line of Droughtmaster cows and calves for $1875.

Jeffrey Webster, Kilcoy, sold Angus cross cows and calves for $1800. Kevin Quinn, Mt Sylvia, sold Santa cows and calves for $1775. Monica Panzram, Glen Cairn, sold a Droughtmaster bull for $2060.

Ron Gehrke, Summerholm, sold Santa cows and calves for $1650. Eronelg Farms, Glenore Grove, sold the top steer, with a Murray Grey steer making $2000. Ochkit Pty Ltd, Caboonbah, sold milk-tooth Bazadais steers for $1280-$1400 and heifers for $1000.

Pat Ward, Ebenezer, sold a Charolais steer, 15 months, for $1640. ALB Pastoral, Woolmar, sold 12-month-old Brahman steers for $1010 and Angus weaner steers for $945.

Dan Richards, Kilcoy, sold 12-month-old Charolais steers for $1100 and Droughtmaster steer calves, five months, for $610. Jack Capewell, Lockyer Waters, sold Murray Grey steers for $1050.

Peter and Elaine Horrocks, Mt Whitestone, sold Charolais cross yearlings, with steers making $1160 and heifers $900. Bill Kajewski, Summerholm, sold 10-month-old Droughtmaster steers for $930. Bill Hill, Lowood, sold Droughtmaster vealer male calves for $800.

Neil Powell, Fernvale, sold quality Limousin cross calves, five to six months, with males making $700-$810 and heifers $730-$840. Parkin Investments, Ravensbourne, sold a line of Droughtmaster yearling heifers for $1020. Jaxon Wallace, Blenheim, sold eight-month-old Droughtmaster heifers for $1040.


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