Try out the rocking chair test

Try out the rocking chair test


Being financially savvy is important, but spending time with your family and friends is more important.


I love Christmas and I have ever since I was a kid growing up.

It was that one time of the year when all the extended family came back to the farm.

Lots of cousins who grew up in town running around in the dust and dirt and swimming in the pool and lots of laughing with my aunties and uncles playing cards late into the night.

It was also a time of less work.

With all the family there it gave Mum, Dad and us kids a reason not to be working all week on the farm.

Nothing much has changed in my world except that I am now the extended family coming back to the farm with my wife and our daughter, Sophie, is now the townie cousin.

She is out riding Teddy the family pony and digging in the dirt with her cousins hopefully building some amazing memories just like I did.

But these days as an adult New Year comes and goes and simply the party's over sunshine.

We are back to the daily grind before we know it.

We start thinking about losing those few extra kilos Christmas gifted us and for some, paying off wayward credit cards or saving for that next holiday.

Now before you say "Ben, Christmas isn't even here, don't be a party pooper", I want you to do something for me. I call it the rocking chair test.

I want you to imagine you are sitting in a rocking chair at, say, 90 years of age and one of your grandchildren asks you two things:

"What are you really proud of?"

"What do you wish you had taken more time to do"? 

I can tell you the outcome of my rocking chair test has changed dramatically with my daughter Sophie entering my life three years ago.

If you do this, I promise that you will be surprised at what your mind will start telling you is important in your life.

The things in life that make you happy are not necessarily financially linked.

Yep, being financially savvy is important, but spending time with your family and friends is more important.

  • Ben is an authorised representative of Charter Financial Planning. This article offers general advice only. You should seek advice tailored to your particular circumstances before taking action.

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