Emerald bullocks reach 318c

Emerald bullocks reach 318c


Values at Friday's Emerald store and prime sale were fully firm on the previous week's rates.


Numbers increased to 1800 head yarded at Emerald on Friday.

A good quality line-up was offered, particularly the slaughter and feeder types, which resulted in values being fully firm on the previous week's rates.

Heavy bullock made to 318c/kg, with steers 500-550kg topping at 304c/kg to average 301c, steers 400-500kg topped at 315c to average 299c, 350-400kg steers made to 300c, while steers in the weaner weight ranges made to 299c/kg to average 257c.

Heavy heifers over 400kg gained six cents to make to 300c, heifers 280-350kg topped at 295c to average 254c, while heifers in the weaner weights ranges made to 256c to average 223c. Heavy cows made to 265c to average 254c, while cows 450-520kg topped at 258c to average 234c.

A larger than normal offering of cows and calves saw the best to $900 per unit.

The Daniels family, Stonybrook, Fernless sold Santa bullocks to 312c/kg to weigh 692kg or $2161 while the Esmond family, Lucknow, Emerald sold Euro cross bullocks to 307c/kg to weigh 633kg or $1946.

The Sams family, Wee Oak, Capella sold Santa steers to 304c/kg to weigh 550kg and return $1673.

John Sullivan, Cowley, Springsure sold Braford cross steers to 271c/kg to weigh 325kg or $883.

The Sibson family, Cotherstone, Dysart consigned Brahman heifers to 267c/kg to weigh 366kg and returned $979.


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