Scorpion will load it smarter

Claas launch new Scorpion telescopic loaders


Claas are launching their new Scorpion telescopic loader range

Coming soon: Claas launched its new Scorpion telescopic loader range to dealers in Melbourne last week.

Coming soon: Claas launched its new Scorpion telescopic loader range to dealers in Melbourne last week.

Billed as the machine every farmer needs, the new Claas Scorpion telescopic loaders will handle everything from shifting bulk bags to digging out the silage pit.

The completely redesigned new range was launched to dealers last week, and was expected to be available over coming months, with the first outing scheduled for the Henty Machinery Field Days in September.

Developed in partnership with materials handling manufacturer, Liebherr, Claas Harvest Centre product specialist for Claas Scorpion Blair McAlwee said the series would deliver even greater handling performance, efficiency, comfort and safety than previous models.

"They all have improved working hydraulics and increased lifting capacity, enabling optimal handling performance and productivity," he said.

"The Scorpion 732 is a compact, highly manoeuvrable 'all-rounder' that has an above-average lifting capacity of more than three tonnes.

"At the other end of the scale, the SCORPION 756 boasts a 5.6 t lifting capacity and a maximum lift height of just over seven metres."

Mr McAlwee said the key design changes in the series included a new cabin, a boom set lower than the machine chassis and improved comfort and visibility.

"The engine hood is much lower, giving you all round visibility, we've opened up the cab as well, so you can see right above you if you are stacking hay," he said.

"All the important switches and controls are logically arranged and are easy to operate."

Mr McAlwee said the performance of the loaders had also increased significantly.

"We go from a 140 litre per minute pump, to a 160 load sensing pump for all our varipower machines," he said.

"We have better power on the road, and better torque curves with software and improvements in the maintenance and servicing of the machine."

Mr McAlwee said there were a number of safety features integrated into the new models.

"An electrohydraulic parking brake is automatically activated if the driver leaves the seat, the machine stops or the engine is switched off," he said.

"When the driver puts a foot on the accelerator to travel in a set direction, the parking brake is automatically deactivated.

"The smart loading driver-assistance system helps to improve efficiency and safety.

"It includes an automatic bucket return and set bucket position for loading operations and automatic overload protection.

"Smart loading also enables fine control of the working hydraulics to enable stacked goods to be positioned with greater accuracy."

Mr McAlwee said the engines remained similar to the previous series.

"We operate with a 3.6 litre Deutz engine on our platform 1 machines, and in platform 2 we operate the 4.1L," he said.

"We have changed the software slightly on these machines to operate at lower engine speeds to get better efficiency."

Mr McAlwee said the varipower and varipower-plus transmissions had three speed ranges, controlled by a joystick and all engines incorporated dynamic cooling, which automatically controlled the fan speed according to engine demand.

"When working in particularly dirty conditions, the driver can also reverse the fan manually at any time."

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