Even the toughest need help now and then

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Central Queensland cattleman, Sam Becker.

Central Queensland cattleman, Sam Becker.


Why is it that when asked what we love about what we do, we always say "it's a great lifestyle".


Why is it that when asked what we love about what we do, we always say "it's a great lifestyle".

I have always questioned this. It's certainly not a 9 to 5 work day that's only five days a week. To me it's not the 'dream' lifestyle, it's a passion.

I am not meaning to sound pessimistic. This is an industry I am passionate about and feel privileged to be involved in, one that I would choose over anything else to have a career in.

Recent times have certainly showed us that the life on the land is a passion rather than a lifestyle.

It is because of this passion that we are able to pick ourselves up and continue to feed cattle during the drought, or be able to keep going after the worst flood in recent times.

Life on the land has become a 365-day job, with sometimes no end in sight.

I raise the above to ask, with the current challenges we face, when do we have time for our own mental health?

Most just keep slogging away, not taking proper care of their mental health.

Mental health used to be a subject which wasn't talked about often, with a stigma attached to it. Of recent years there have been positive conversations around it and people are becoming more open and speaking about it.

So, I put it to you, what have you and your family put in place to address each other's mental health and well-being?

Whether it be setting aside some time to all spend together once a week, taking it in turns to enjoy a few days away from the property to get away, visit friends and experience something other than the daily grind.

This is where I think our friends, communities and industry play an important role.

It is usually the case that our friends and community are facing the exact same challenges. To have others living through it with you can help to not feel so isolated and on your own.

We are all lucky to be involved in our local communities.

In these hard times, the activities and events held can bring some cheer to life. As an industry, it is important we support each other.

As we all know, when the going gets tough, the tough get going but I hope that we all remember that even the tough need some help every now and then.

 - Sam Becker, CQ cattleman


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