Hay runners rolling through western Queensland

Burrumbuttock Hay Runners bound for Cloncurry

Ben Friel, who made the hay run to Ilfracombe from Geelong.

Ben Friel, who made the hay run to Ilfracombe from Geelong.


It has been a marathon effort for the Burrumbuttock convoy.


With a fair few years left just until he can get his licence, Jackson Friebel is not your typical Burrumbuttock Hay Runner. 

The 12-year-old is travelling all the way from southern South Australia to drop off hay for western Queensland producers doing it tough in the wake of devastating floods. 

On Saturday Jackson and a six-strong contingent from Robertstown, SA, met up with other Burrumbuttock Hay Runners in the small town of Ilfracombe, with plans to push through to Cloncurry from there. 

The most direct route from Robertstown to Ilfracombe covers more than 1600 kilometres, a trip well worth it to help others in need, Travis Friebel said. 

Another truckie putting in some long hours to make the run was Geoffro Amarant, who had come to Ilfracombe via the Yorke Peninsula in Southern Australia. 

"It's just what you do. It's what the situation demands," he said. 

Ben Friel and father Brendon were making the trip from Geelong, Victoria, with a stop via Horsham to pick up a load of hay. 

"We run a construction and event hire business, but I've always had an interest in the agriculture sector and its importance to Australia," Ben said. 

"Our truck was sitting there doing nothing at the time, so we figured we'd join the run after talking to Bumpa."

Burrumbuttock Hay Runners founder Brendan "Bumpa" Farrell was also in Ilfracombe on Saturday, fresh from the Hay Runner's latest trip to Quilpie on Australia Day

He was working with Andrew Freeman from AgForce to identify where deliveries were needed and to identify drop off locations. 

AgForce has a database of producers in need of fodder and has been working with other agencies to coordinate fodder drops in western and north western Queensland. 

Mr Farrell has said 82 trailers of donated hay had been lined up to make the run, with the convoy expected to arrive in Cloncurry on Sunday afternoon. 


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