Tight race for Maiden Rider

Tight race for Maiden Rider title


John Bradshaw holds a slim lead from Blake Edwards in the ACA Maiden Rider title.


John Bradshaw is holding on tight to the top position of the ACA Maiden Rider Title, although his points total of 197.83 is not too far in front of second place holder Blake Edwards. We can expect a tight race to the finish. Blake’s recent move towards the top can be attributed to his success at the Chinchilla Grandfather Clock where he placed second in the Open Draft.

Young Gun Billy Sheppard rounds out the top three places with 142.66 points. Although he hasn’t had any recent placings, his ones from earlier in the year have served him well. Representing the Northern Territory/Western Australia zone are Monica Tasker and George Hurst, who have both made a massive leap into sixth and eighth place in the standings with 120.16 and 101.73 points respectively.


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