Charbray heifers $3.61 at Gympie

Gympie heifers crack $3.61


The markets remained firm as Sullivan Livestock yarded 1356 head at the May 14 Gympie cattle sale.


Sullivan Livestock yarded 1356 cattle at their Gympie sale on May 14 where the market remained firm on recent sales.

Charbray steers from Barry Denham, Lower Wonga sold for $2.60 ($1309). Brangus steers from John Grabbe, Hervey Bay made $2.58 ($1287 & $1268), while their Droughtmaster brothers made $2.59 ($1202). Charbray steers from Jim and Sue Heath, Calgoa made $2.62 ($1147 $ $1070). Droughtmaster steers from David Higgins, Bauple made $2.64 ($949).

Droughtmaster steers from Tom Murphy, Mapleton made $3.13 ($845). Droughtmaster steers from the Whalan family made $3.01 ($828). Wongella Pastoral, Kilkivan sold Charbray steers for $2.99 ($752). Brangus steers from The Jackson Family, Owanyilla made $2.99 ($804). Droughtmaster steers from the Paulger family, Kenilworth made $3.27 ($768).

Droughtmaster cross steers from Terry Schiefelbein, Munna Creek made $3.05 ($798). The next run of weaner steers generally sold from $2.65 to $2.90.

Feeder heifers topped at $2.43 with most lines selling from $2.28 to $2.35. Quality F1 Charbray heifers from Brett Dodds, Hivesville made $3.61 to return $982 & $980. While his Brahman heifers made $2.91 ($658).

Simmental cross heifers from Neville and Lyndall Ensby made $2.79 ($783). Droughtmaster weaner heifers from the Paulger family made $2.50. Brahman heifers from Wongella Pastoral made $2.71 ($612). Brangus heifers from The Jackson Family sold for $2.51 ($650). The next run of weaner heifers generally sold from $2.20 to $2.48.

Cows and calves were limited in supply and sold to a top of $1240.


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