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QLD Food Future group release vegetation management film, A True Story: From The Heart of Queensland

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Hear from the farmers themselves as they tell the 'true story' about vegetation management.


A SHORT film commissioned by a group of Central Queensland farmers has been launched today in a last ditch effort to have the ‘true story’ heard by the Members of Parliament. 

Future farmer Eliza McArthur is one of the many voices in the film. Picture: Supplied.

Future farmer Eliza McArthur is one of the many voices in the film. Picture: Supplied.

A True Story: From The Heart of Queensland features farmers, their children and former DAF Scientist Dr Bill Burrows, speaking of the impacts new vegetation management laws will have on rural life. 

The four minute film, produced by Rabbit Hop Films, is the first project from the QLD Food Future group formed by three landholders working alongside AgForce.

With the help of funding and donations, it is hoped the film can be used as an educational tool to help raise awareness and deliver landholder’s message to urban areas. 

A group spokesperson said the Committee report tabled on Monday was very disappointing and despite the farmers and graziers delivering knowledge through submissions and hearings, it had been ignored. 

“We want to start an education and awareness process now before this legislation is voted on and for the benefit of the next State election when election promises and Green's preferences will no doubt be thrown around again at the expense of Queensland farmers and graziers,” they said. 

“It was frustrating in that regard as we could tell by the questions from the committee that the members were going to stick with their parties and not cross the floor despite decades of generational landholder expert evidence before them telling them why the laws wouldn't work. 

“We still feel that there are many ministers that are going to vote on this next week that have not had the benefit of being at the hearings, who would not be fully informed and will just vote with their party.” 

A semen sale of record price bulls, including the first domestic semen sale of $325,000 NCC Justified, will take place at the Rockhampton Sports Club on May 9 to support the group. 

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