Santa steers 394c on AuctionsPlus

Santa steers 394c on AuctionsPlus


There were 3049 head of cattle and 4608 sheep and lambs offered on AuctionsPlus this week.


Cattle numbers were back up this week for a total listing of 3049 head, an increase of 470. Listings consisted of 1287 breeders, 1019 steers and 743 heifers.

Breeder highlights include a line from I & J Levers, Richmond sold Santa and Senepol cows and calves  for $1420. These cows are aged 2 to 5 years, weigh 473kg and are depastured back to Santa and Senepol bulls. The calves at foot are 1 to 8 months old and average 150kg.

OD & CA Berry, Anakie sold a line of predominately Brangus cows and calves for $1250. These cows are 2 to 12 years old, weigh 522kg and are depastured back to Brangus and Black Simmental bulls. The calves at foot are 1 to 6 months old and average 152kg.

Barcaldine Downs Pastoral Company, Alpha sold Santa and Droughtmaster cross cows $1140. These cows are aged 3 to 9 years, weigh 535kg and are PTIC to Santa and Droughtmaster bulls. 

Piggott Pastoral Company, Rolleston sold Droughtmaster cows for $1380. These cows are 2 to 2.5 years old, weigh 479kg and are PTIC to Droughtmaster bulls.

Kyntee Pastoral Company, Goondiwindi sold 81 Angus heifers, over 2 lots, for $1580. These heifers are aged 18 to 22 months, weigh 493kg and are PTIC to Wagyu bulls.

Hinman Pastoral, Gogango sold Santa heifers, aged 12 to 17 months, weighing 289kg  for 287c/kg. PD & BA Neilley, Kingaroy sold Angus cross heifers, aged 7 to 9 months, weighing 289kg for 284c.

PA & LM Christmas, Warwick sold Droughtmaster cross and Braford heifers, aged 8 to 12 months, weighing 264kg for 257c. Keetah Downs Partnership, Yelarbon sold predominately Santa and Santa cross heifers, aged 12 to 14 months, weighing 310kg for 274c.

Consuelo Cattle Company, Rolleston sold 280 Santa steers over 3 lots, aged 6 to 9 months, weighing 225kg  for 394c. Collins Cattle Co, Gumlu sold 216 Brahman and Brahman cross steers, aged 7 to 8 months, weighing 221kg for 393c.

AG & MC Power, Julia Creek sold Droughtmaster steers, aged 5 to 10 months, weighing 232kg for 373c/kg. Heart 2 J Cattle Co, Comet offered a line of crossbred steers, aged 15 to 18 months, weighing 371kg for 312c. 

Sheep and lamb numbers picked up this week for a total listing of 4608 head, an increase of 3788. Laidlaw Pastoral, Longreach sold 1120 Centre Plus blood Poll Merino wether lambs for $75.50. These wethers are aged 9 to 13 months and weigh 31kg with a ½” skin.

Clark Birch & Sons,Cunnamulla firstly sold Macquarie blood Dohne ewes, aged 3.5 years old and weighing 56kg,  for $80. Secondly, a line of 4.5 to 7.5 year old ewes, weighing 53kg, sold for $70. Both lines are going for a 1400km road trip to Murray Bridge, SA.

Milton & Hall, Hendon sold 24 White Suffolk stud ewe lambs, 11 months old and weighing 61kg  for $320. Dunkerry Partnership, Thallon sold Coolalee / Merino mixed sex lambs for $95. These lambs are October 2017 drop and weigh 35kg.

Hindle Grazing Company, St George sold 2040 Wilgunya blood Merino wether lambs over 3 lots for an average of $113. These lambs are August/ September 2017 drop, weigh 37kg and are travelling 1300km to Willowmavin, VIC.


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