Yearling steers hit 327.2c at Moreton

Moreton yearling steers make 327.2c


Quality lines of yearling steers and heifers sold firm to slightly dearer at the Boyd O'Brien Bartholomew Moreton cattle sale on March 13.


Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 650 head of cattle at Moreton on Tuesday, March 13.  Quality lines of yearling steers and heifers sold firm to slightly dearer. Feeder steers were in demand selling to a very competitive panel of buyers. A quality line of cows were on offer and sold very well.

Santa vealer heifers account H,F,J Beutel of Boonah sold for 304.2c weighing 225kg to return $684. R Bird of Black Duck Ck sold Droughtmaster vealer steers for 339.2c weighing 185kg to return $627.  B&P Shard of Mt Walker sold Charolais cross yearling heifers for 287.2c weighing 272kg to return $782. C Brown of Mt Berryman sold Charolais cross yearling heifers for 289.2c weighing 228kg to return $661.  

Droughtmaster cross yearling steers account Auld family of Ripley sold for 327.2c weighing 243kg to return $795.  Lyne Bros of Mortonvale sold santa cross pasture heifers for 285c weighing 510kg to return $1453.  Droughtmaster cross pasture steers account G&S Toft of Marburg sold for 312.2c weighing 555kg to return $1732.

Charbray pasture ox account P&S Ballin of Nanango sold for 291.2c weighing 592kg to return $1725.  G&S Toft of Marburg sold Charbray pasture ox for 300.2c weighing 445kg to return $1335. Charolais cross feeder steers account M Ryan of Sth Ripley sold for 297.2c weighing 375kg to return $1114.  Droughtmaster cross feeder heifers account Auld Family sold for 301.2c weighing 305kg to return $918.

Grain assist speckle Park steers account G E Muckert of Karrabin sold for 298.2c weighing 440kg to return $1272.  Good Luck Friesians sold Friesian dairy cull cows for 188.2c weighing 527kg to return $992. Medium Droughtmaster cross cows account G&N Stark of Anduramba sold Droughtmaster cross medium cows for 239.2c weighing 535kg to return $1279.  Brahman cross cows account M Conroy of Bryden sold for 243.2c weighing 580kg to return $1410. Samuel Holdings sold Charolais cross bulls for 259.2c weighing 970kg to return $ 2514.


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