Nominations close soon for the 2018 RNA Paddock to Palate

Nominations close soon for the 2018 RNA Paddock to Palate


Stan Wallace updates news from around the traps.


Droughtmaster and Droughtmaster cross cattle won many awards in 2017 including the Overall Champion Pen which went to Ken and Kerry McKenzie, Yaralla Droughtmasters at Blackwater in Central Queensland.

This is the most prestigious competition of its kind in Australia and we recommend all breeders give serious consideration to nominating for it. All competitors get vital feedback on the performance of their cattle and a comparison with other cattle.

Nominations close January 19. For details and to nominate go to

KAFTA – A success for Australian beef

The Cattle Council of Australia has welcomed the reduction of tariffs for beef exported to Korea from Australia, effective from January 1.

This reduction in tariffs, from 40pc to 26.6pc is the result of the fifth round of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations between Australia and Korea which took place in May 2010.

The Korean and Australian Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA) substantially liberalises Australia’s trade with Korea, which is Australia’s fourth-largest trading partner. Korea is also one of Australia’s significant beef markets with about 109,000 tonnes of Australian beef exported to Korea in 2017.

This increase in demand for Australian beef in Korea has been attributed to consumer appreciation for quality beef, strong economic and population growth, and restrictions of imports from other beef producing countries.

Cattle Council President Howard Smith said KAFTA was a success story for the Australian beef sector as it provided producers with greater access to one of Australia’s most important international trade markets.

Cattle Council would like to acknowledge and thank both the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Industry for their continued efforts in developing the FTA.

For further details contact Rowena Martin on or 0409 219 527.

Vic border news

My old Victorian mate Bill Grant gave me the latest rundown on the state of affairs in Victoria. Bill said it was all good news from southern central and northern Victoria. The rains came at the right time for crops and pasture. Top feed for sheep and cattle, graziers are getting high prices for fat lambs and finished heavy bullocks. The Murray River has plenty of water for irrigators finishing the good year.


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