Challenges ahead as ag prepares plan for the future

Planning for the future


The agribusiness industry is facing greater challenges than ever before.


Agribusiness is the fastest growing industry in Australia.  

It can support existing industry, underpin the creation of thousands of new jobs and turbocharge sustainable economic development.  

While there are enormous opportunities for agribusiness, our industry is also facing greater challenges than ever before.

This was laid bare in a recent survey conducted for the National Farmers’ Federation that found that more than 80 per cent of Australians would describe their connection with farming as ‘distant’ or ‘non-existent’.

The opportunities and ongoing challenges are what is driving a fresh round of planning at AgForce as we look to redouble our efforts in advocating for industry.  

Over the past three months, we have consulted extensively with members and other stakeholders to develop a draft three-year Strategic Plan, with the final plan to take effect from 1 July 2018.

This plan will describe what we will do and how we will do it.  It will also include measures and milestones, so we can constantly review how we are going.

Input from all interested parties is important in getting the planning right.

The most powerful input to the final plan will come from those the organisation exists to serve, and this week we have written to members with an overview of the draft plan along with a feedback form.

The aim is simple, to take a good peak body and use that foundation to build further strength and focus to deliver benefits to members and more broadly to our industry. 

A strengthened membership is important, because united we will become more effective and representative.  Divided we will falter and fall.  

It is as important as ever that we are united and hold a real strength to put our case succinctly and respectfully to the many groups and stakeholders that will have an influence on our futures. 

I encourage as many of you as possible to provide us with your feedback, so together we can work to advance agribusiness and deliver better outcomes for the industry that feeds and clothes us all.


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