Roma Saleyards notches up  another year of record numbers

Roma Saleyards notches up another year of record numbers


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Rod Turner, Landmark Roma, gave me a Christmas update on the Roma and Maranoa district.

Rod said Roma Saleyards had another year of record numbers with 302,479 head sold, for record prices grossing $299,482,473.

What a great Livestock Exchange facility for Australia, with cattle being drawn from Northern Territory, South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland.

Numbers were driven by a continuing dry season over much of the country.

“In Queensland, we have seen a further reduction in numbers with a large number of holdings only carrying half or less of their normal numbers,” Rod said.

“The herd rebuild will take a big break in the season over a lot of the state, and considerable restocking of breeders. The buying support has been very strong with backgrounders, feedlotters, restockers and processors all competing for numbers to maintain throughput.

“This has been a challenging year for all operators in agriculture, not only from the seasonal aspect, but also from the aspect of political challenges and all the normal weed and feral invasions. In my opinion the rural community can give a big vote of thanks to AgForce for their support to our industry.

“While I am on the subject of support for agriculture, one of the highlights for me this year was to attend the AgDay Dinner at the War Memorial in Canberra, where Barnaby Joyce was acknowledged as a Champion of Agriculture in Australia, by Gina Rinehart of Hancock Prospecting and Kidman and Co. 

“Gina Rinehart is clearly another Champion of Agriculture in Australia,” Rod said.


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