Maranoa, Kennedy MPs to vote no on marriage equality bills

Most Queensland MPs to vote yes on same sex marriage bills


Federal lower house MPs Bob Katter and David Littleproud have indicated they will be voting no when same-sex marriage bills come before Parliament.


Two of the federal MPs representing the three regional Queensland electorates that have returned a majority ‘no’ vote in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey have said they will be voting no when same-sex marriage bills come before Parliament, expected before Christmas.

From the results released on Wednesday morning, the electorate of Maranoa registered the highest no vote in the state, 56.1 per cent, followed by Kennedy with a 53.3pc no vote.

Groom, based around Toowoomba, voted no by the very narrow margin of 50.8pc.

Nationally, a whopping 61.6pc voted yes, while 60.7pc of Queenslanders overwhelmingly voted yes for the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

In the House of Representatives, 17 federal electorates returned a no vote out of 150 seats.

The Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter, has always said he intends to vote against same-sex marriage bills before Parliament, whatever the result.

He was one of seven federal politicians who said they would vote no even if the postal survey found a majority in favour.

Maranoa MP, David Littleproud said he would use his vote in line with his electorate’s result.

Mr Littleproud’s personal decision was to vote ‘no’ but he has always said he’d listen to Maranoa and vote according to the majority.

“Regardless of the result, we stick together in the bush.  If there’s a flood or fire – no matter your background or lifestyle, we’re all standing side-by-side filling sandbags or volunteering to help the whole community,” he said.

“Religious freedom and if same-sex marriage would be included in our education system were consistently raised with me as areas of concerns so, as the Maranoa MP, I will make sure my electorate’s strong voice form part of this further debate.”

Groom MP, Dr John McVeigh has acknowledged that the 50.8pc majority voting no on the question of same-sex marriage was a contrast with the emphatic 61.6pc yes result at a national level.

In an ABC National survey of MP voting intentions, he responded “It’s complicated – reserving judgement until bill is clear”.

“For months I have been meeting and contacting constituents who have deeply-held personal convictions either way and I believe it is now more important than ever that differing views continue to be respected.

“I will be studying very, very carefully the detail of any and all Private Member’s bills that may be tabled, together with amendments that may be presented in the coming weeks.

“Freedoms and anti-discrimination values in our community will be key aspects of my considerations.”

Complicated voting

Also saying it was complicated were fellow LNP Members George Christiansen, Keith Pitt and Scott Buccholz.

The seven regional lower house MPs indicating they will vote yes are Shayne Neumann (ALP, Blair); Michelle Landry (LNP, Capricornia); Ken O’Dowd (LNP, Flynn); Cathy O’Toole (ALP, Herbert); Warren Entsch (LNP, Leichhardt); Llew O’Brien (LNP, Wide Bay); and Scott Buchholz (LNP, Wright).

In a statement released on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Buchholz said he would be setting aside his personal views on the issue and voting in favour of same sex marriage.

“My first responsibility is to represent the people of Wright and to take their views to the House of Representatives,” he said.

Queensland Senators’ voting intentions:

  • Claire Moore – Yes
  • Murray Watt – Yes
  • James McGrath – Did not respond
  • Anthony Chisolm – Yes
  • Matt Canavan – It's complicated, will follow state result, has concerns about bill
  • Chris Ketter – Did not respond
  • Fraser Anning – Did not respond
  • Andrew Bartlett – Yes
  • George Brandis – Yes
  • Barry O'Sullivan – Yes, will follow national result
  • Ian Macdonald – Yes, will follow national result
  • Pauline Hanson – Did not respond

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