Rain, storms to last the week

Week full of rain forecast for Queensland

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ACTIVITY: A map showing the total forecast rainfall for Australia for eight days from Wednesday October 11. Source: BOM.

ACTIVITY: A map showing the total forecast rainfall for Australia for eight days from Wednesday October 11. Source: BOM.


See who got some more rain overnight.


Recent rainfall in Queensland is just the start of a wet period ahead, according to forecasters who are predicting storms and general rain to reach much of the state over the next eight days. 

In a major turnaround from the extremely dry conditions impacting much of the state up until late last month, Queensland is set for a drenching.

From today, the next four days of forecasts are focused on the southern and western parts of the state with some isolated areas set to receive up to 100mm due to a moist air mass and a succession of upper troughs.

Towns such as Roma could enjoy the better end of the western falls with up to 50mm forecast.

From Sunday, it will be the north that will be impacted by “an amplifying upper pattern and upper low”, which Bureau of Meteorology weather service manager, Richard Wardle, said could lead to significant rain over the tropics. 

“For the next four days the focus of the rain is mainly in the southern interior and coastal areas and we are looking at widespread rainfall between 25 and 50mm and isolated areas receiving up to 100mm,” he said.

“For the four days after that we are looking like the focus is more coastal and in the tropics and we could have widespread areas with in excess of 100mm and locally in excess of 200mm in area like Mackay.”

Earlier in the week, BOM meteorologist Andrew Bufalino said the current moisture levels were similar to what is expected in late November or December.

“It’s done a pretty significant switch from very dry conditions to a very moist and unstable air mass in just a week or so,” he said.

Many landholders have reported their latest rain totals to the Who Got the Rain? Facebook group.

Christine Elizabeth McLean wrote this morning: “21mm at "Abbieglassie" between Mitchell and Bollon.”

Hayley Plath recorded 55mm at St George while Lucille Scoble, Bendygleet, Moree, had 40mm.

Linda Sypher, Araby, Roma, said they had received 28mm.

“Good follow up for the 78mm we had last week,” she wrote. 

Emma Hill, Loch Lomond, 140km south of Mitchell, recorded 40mm overnight. 

Storm warning 

Mr Bufalino said the public should be aware BOM would not issue warnings for all thunderstorms – only those with the potential to be severe.

“A severe thunderstorm is when hail is 2cm or greater, damaging wind gusts of 90km or more and heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding,” he said.


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