Prices improve at Dalby sale

Prices improve at Dalby


Numbers were at the lowest level for the year at Dalby sale and prices improved across the board.


There was a smaller yarding of 1746 cattle at Dalby sale on Wednesday, a reduction of 2750 from last week. Good falls of rain in parts of the supply area reduced numbers to the lowest level for the year.

Prices improved across the board with medium weight yearling steers to feed 15c/kg dearer. Heavy weight yearling steers to feed averaged 13c better and yearling heifers improved by 5c to 9c.

Export slaughter classes experienced the largest gains with heavy steers and bullocks 24c to 25c dearer. Cows followed a similar trend with the better end of the cows 20c to 22c better.

Medium weight yearling steers to feed made to 320c to average 297.1c. Yearling heifers over 400kg made from 257c to 265c and averaged 261.7c.

Grown steers in the 500-600kg range made to 295.2c and averaged 290.9c with grown heifers averaging 253.3c. Heavy weight cows sold from 217.2c to 238.2c, up 22c. The best heavy bull made 271.2c.


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