Kindy takes to rodeoing

Celebrity dads take on steers to raise funds


Theodore's local celebrity graziers will try their hand at riding steers in a charity rodeo event.

CELEBRITY STEER RIDERS: Beau Surawski, Russell Brunton, Susan Koop, Adrian Anderson and Joe Streeter will fight it out in Theodore. Photo - Kelly Butterworth.

CELEBRITY STEER RIDERS: Beau Surawski, Russell Brunton, Susan Koop, Adrian Anderson and Joe Streeter will fight it out in Theodore. Photo - Kelly Butterworth.

HAVE you ever seen a kindergarten without turf or swings?

The Theodore kindy is in desperate need of a revamp and five kindy Dads and a willing Aunty have come together for the good cause. They will all be competing in a local celebrity steer riding competition. 

Theodore's ‘Xtreme 1 Bulls 'n' Barrels Bonanza 2017’ will be held on October 7 and all proceeds will go straight to the kindy.  

We spoke to five of the six celebrity steer riders, the sixth is an extra special surprise on the night, and asked them a few questions. 

Local graziers Beau Surawski, Soldiers Plains, Theodore, Russell Brunton, Frogs Hollow, Theodore, Joe Streeter, Woodine, Taroom, and Adrian Anderson, Allandale, Theodore will be joined by lucerne farm manager Susan Koop, Karanda, Theodore to fight it out for the top prize. 

The riders will be auctioned off in a calcutta-style auction.  

Q: How did you get involved? 

Beau: I said I'd do it before I really thought about it. Mac is at kindy so I'm happy to do - I was always a wannabe bull rider.

Susan: I just got asked. They texted me and asked if I would be involved and honestly I said 'not really'… but here I am. 

Russell: My wife has roped me into it because she's helping to organise the rodeo. 

Joe: I thought it was a good idea at the time. I thought all the kindy dads were going it in, but they're not.

Adrian: Through Beau and Renee (Surawski) probably. 

Q: Do you have any history as a bull rider? 

Beau: I’ve ridden bout four or five in my old career, but not since about 2002... So that was 15 years ago. 

Susan: None, and never thought I would actually do it. I have thought of it but then I've chickened out.

Russell: Not in a calcutta, not as fundraiser. I have tried to ride steers before, a few years ago now. Tried is key. 

Joe: Not for a long time. Back when I was at school but that was about it - so not since 1996, 20 years ago. 

Adrian: Not really - well I used to do it in the (Northern) Territory a little bit, but a long time ago. 

Q: What are you most nervous about? 

Beau: I’m most anxious about embarrassing myself, and I really hope the one I get bucks so I have a reason for coming off. 

Susan: Riding the goddamn steer. 

Russell: Probably about the hype that's going with it all.

Joe: Getting bucked off before the eight seconds.

Adrian: I don't know - I'm not anxious about it, it is what it is.

Q: What are you most anticipating? 

Beau: I can't wait really until it happens and we can all get on, have a bit of fun, sledge each other and gee each other up.

Susan: I'm not expecting too much. I have no idea what I'm excited for. 

Russell: I'm probably most excited about getting it over and done with.

Joe: Having a night out.

Adrian: Nothing really, probably just doing what I can do. 

Q: What gives you an edge over everyone else? 

Beau: They told me they're Friesian steers and I grew up on a dairy so I reckon I'll have an advantage... Maybe. 

Susan: Maybe my looks - no, I'm kidding. Probably nothing.

Russell: Nothing.  

Joe: Crikey, I don't know. Not much at all. 

Adrian: There is no edge. I have no edge. 

Q: How much are you hoping to make?

Beau: Look, knowing my competition, maybe $50 or $100. 

Susan: Maybe $200. 

Russell: It doesn't particularly worry me too much, but anything over $50 I'll be happy with. 

Joe: Anything would be good - I just wouldn't mind selling. I hope my wife would buy me, but she's pretty tight. I reckon if I go over $50 I'd be doing pretty good.

Adrian: I wouldn't have a clue - as much as possible.

Q: How old are you? 

Beau: Old enough to know better.

Susan: 23. 

Russell: 40.

Joe: 35.

Adrian: 34. 

Q: Who are you tipping to win? 

Beau: Russell.

Susan: Adrian.

Russell: I reckon there's a few dark horses - Beau seems pretty confident, and Adrian Anderson might be a bit of a dark horse.

Joe: Russell. 

Adrian: Russell. 

We wish them all the best! Photo - Kelly Butterworth.

We wish them all the best! Photo - Kelly Butterworth.


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