Simmental steers $1590 at Laidley

Laidley Simmental steers $1590


Despite the dry conditions the market held up well at Stariha Auctions Laidley cattle sale on Thursday.


A total of 417 head were yarded at Stariha Auctions Laidley cattle sale on Thursday. Despite the widespread dry conditions, the market held up very well.

John and Donna Jackwitz, Tarome, sold Simmental steers, 24 months, for $1590 and 20 month old steers for $1300-$1360. Colleen Fitzgerald, Ingoldsby, sold a line of 2 tooth Charbray steers for $1400. Glen and Marlene Reinke, Grantham, sold milk tooth Brangus steers for $1250. Bond Enterprises, Grantham, sold 15 month old Angus steers for $1120 and 10 month old weaners for $940.

Graeme Squires, Townson, sold 8 month old Droughtmaster steers for $790. Andrew Lever, Forest Hill, sold lines of Droughtmaster cross heifers, 15-16 months, for $1005-$1010 and 12-14 month old heifers for $880-$930. John Curtin, Mt Whitestone, sold a Charbray bull for $1500. Wayne Gehrke, Grandchester, sold a line of Droughtmaster steers for $935. The Olm Family, Ropeley, sold 12-14 month old Charolais steers for $905-$1090.


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