Yearling heifers to feed lift by 20c/kg at Dalby

Yearling heifers to feed lift by 20c/kg at Dalby


There were 3803 cattle yarded at Dalby, where the market remained firm.


There were 3803 cattle yarded at Dalby on Wednesday, a fall of 27 per cent on last week. Buyer attendance and activity was generally good with some additional supermarket support on yearling heifers to feed, and prices improved on a couple of categories.

Heavy weight yearling steers to feed gained 2c to 4c, and yearling heifers to feed lifted by 20c/kg. Heavy grown steers and bullocks sold to a firm market and cows mostly sold to within a few cents of last week.

Medium weight yearling steers to feed in the 330-400kg range made from 316.2c to 348.2c while heavy weight yearling heifers  to feed averaged 286.2c/kg.

Grown steers in the 500-600kg range made from 286.2c to 295.2c. Grown heifers averaged 233.4c. Medium weight cows sold from 199.2c to 215.2c and averaged 208.8c. The best bull made 300.2c.


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