Kings Plains: Jindalee’s future focus

Jindalee Herefords focus on the future

FUTURE FOCUS: Eunice, Angus and Will Vivers run Jindalee Herefords on the famed Kings Plains, north west of Inverell.

FUTURE FOCUS: Eunice, Angus and Will Vivers run Jindalee Herefords on the famed Kings Plains, north west of Inverell.


Eunice, Angus and Will Vivers run Jindalee Herefords on the famed Kings Plains, north west of Inverell.


THE Vivers family’s northern NSW Hereford enterprise may have its origins deeply rooted in history, but it very much the future where Jindalee’s stud and commercial cattle breeding operations are focused.   

Angus, Eunice and Will Vivers operate Jindalee, a highly productive 1500 hectare red and black basault property on the famed Kings Plains, about 35km north west of Inverell.

The Vivers have concentrated on maximising the advantages of the breed including improving weight gain, fertility and carcase composition. 

That commercial approach has gained a strong following in the industry, with Jindalee bulls sold throughout eastern Australia. In addition to on-farm sales, the bulls are sold at the annual Glen Innes Hereford bull sale on July 28. 

Young bulls are weaned onto grazing oats and fed a supplement of oaten hay with a vitamin and mineral mixed supplied by Riverina Stockfeeds.

“We work closely with Tony Grob at Riverina’s Warwick mill,” Mrs Vivers said. “He knows our herd very well and has been formulating a custom supplement that ensures our bulls are at their peak for breeding.”  

Mrs Vivers said a key ingredient in the Riverina mix was Alltech’s Sel-plex, an organic selenium specifically to improve semen quality and the structural development of the bulls.

“It is paramount to ensure each animals reaches its genetic potential,” Mrs Vivers said.

We’re building on the strong momentum in the Hereford breed. - Will Vivers, Jindalee Herefords

Bulls also have access to improved pasture which included phalaris, fescue, and red and white clovers in the well shaded paddocks.

A regular of the show circuit, Jindalee bulls and heifers are currently being prepared for the Ekka in early August. It will be the seventh consecutive year Jindalee will be on show in Brisbane. 

In addition to his many on-farm commitments, Will Vivers is also the current president of Herefords Australia’s Northern NSW youth group. 

As an ambassador for the adaptable whiteface breed, Will’s role is to promote all things Hereford.

“The future of the Hereford breed is really with the younger generation,” Will said. “It’s all about instilling the right attitude and developing passion in our youth. We’re building on the strong momentum in the Hereford breed, so optimism is high for continued success.”

The Vivers family have been in the Kings Plains district since the 1830s. Will now becoming the fifth generation on the property Jindalee which forms part of the original Kings Plains Station.  

Will’s forefathers arrived from Scotland to Australia in 1832 and established a cattle breeding enterprise at Kings Plains. 

A proud history of the family in the district as well as origins of the Hereford bloodlines combine to make the success that Jindalee stud is today. Eunice heralds from Scotland and continues to expand the family’s Hereford bloodlines.

The origins of Jindalee stud started with the Smithton Stud who brought their Herefords from Scotland to Glen Innes in 1988. Eunice’s father Bill McIndoe had formed the stud in 1948, near Ayr in south east Scotland. 

He saw a likeness in the northern New England country to his homeland, relocated the family and the stud, and has remained in the district ever since. 

The Vivers also run a silage, hay baling and direct drilling business. 

“The contracting business complement our beef breeding enterprise very well,” Mrs Vivers said.

“It gives us good access to preserve forage and we work alongside many successful beef producers in northern NSW.”


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