Quality cows dominate at Towers

Cows lift by up to 12c at Towers sale


Charters Towers yarded some very good lines of prime bullocks and cows selling 8c to 12c higher and heavy bulls lifting 60c/kg at the prime and store sale on April 19.


Charters Towers combined agents yarded a total of 1864 cattle on April 19 consisting of 1051 prime cattle and 813 store cattle. The prime cattle consisted of 147 bullocks, 73 heifers, 759 cows and 72 bulls. The store cattle consisted of: 453 steers, 299 heifers and 61 cows and calves.

Very good lines of prime cows dominated the prime section of the yarding with meatworks and three live exporters competing on bullocks, steers and bulls while cows met with meatworks competition only.

Cattle were drawn from a wide range of areas including Burketown, Clermont, Richmond, Hughenden, Julia Creek, Almaden, Mt Garnet, Einasleigh, Collinsville, Mareeba, Mt Carbine and local and coastal areas.

Bullocks were quoted 10-12c dearer, heifers sold to similar rates and cows were 8-10c dearer on rates of two weeks ago. Bulls were much dearer by up to 30c selling to 291.2c/kg.

Prime quotes

Bullocks topped at 289.2c, from Richard Jordan, Charters Towers that weighed 515kg to return $1489.

Best priced trade heifers from Kamarooka Partnership, Southwalk, Charters Towers made 279.2c to weigh 497kg and return $1389. The top pen of cows were also sold by Kamarooka Partnership, for 234.2c and weighed 580kg to return $1358.

Bulls sold by BW&GJ Kirkwood, Somerview, Charters Towers, topped at 291.2c and weighed 650kg to return $1892.

Store quotes

The 813 store steers met with less spirited bidding and consequently weaner steers were cheaper this week selling to 354.2c to average 320c. Feeder steers sold from 280c to 321.2c which were similar to rates of a fortnight ago. Heifers were dearer for all descriptions especially in the 200-320kg range by up to 30c.

A pen of 12 steers from BA&LE Corbett, Hyde Park, Charters Towers made 354.2c and weighed 215kg and realised $761.

A good pen of 9 heifers from Tony Krause, Hervey’s Range, Rangewood made 349.2c, weighed 206kg and returned an average of $721.

18 Brahman heifers from Gilmore family, Cranford, Torrens Creek made 249.2c to weigh 216kg and return $756.

Cows and calves sold by T&S Thornbury, Floraville Downs, Burketown returned $1720.


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