Farmers urge consumers to buy local in wake of floods

Farmers urge consumers to buy local in wake of floods


Daughters of Dairy Farmers and Scenic Rim 4RealMilk founder seek support from consumers.


SCENIC Rim farmers are urging consumers to support the region’s primary producers who are recovering from the destruction of their land last week.

One of the Daughters of Dairy Farmers founders Lisa Harrison said it was more important than ever to get behind Scenic Rim farmers and purchase local produce.

“It’s heartbreaking to see this happen but I know our region’s farmers are resilient and will continue to rebuild and get back on their feet,” she said.

“The best way for consumers to support our farmers after the floods is to continue buying branded milk and Australian grown produce.”

Ms Harrison said many farms, including her family’s farm, have had to deal with the aftermath of ex-Cyclone Debbie and have begun the clean up process.

“Many farmers were affected with crops and water flats that went under and a lot of them had major fencing damages,” she said.

Scenic Rim 4Real Milk founder Greg Dennis said he had suffered about $50,000 worth of damages and lost fences and hay.

From a farmer’s point of view, we were terribly affected by the floods,I know some farmers are going to suffer much greater losses than ours,” he said.

“It certainly came up very fast but at the same time, we really did have plenty of warning of how bad it was going to be.”

Mr Dennis said all his cattle were alive and well and there was a lot of damage and debris to clean up and repair.

“It’s part of life on the farm unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about these unfortunate events and you have got to get back up and rebuild and move on,” he said.

“All I can say is to spread the same message and that’s for people to continue supporting their local farmers and to keep agriculture strong, we’ll keep providing the food.”

For farmers in need of assistance, Rural Aid Australia can provide volunteers to assist with clean up, repairs or hay deliveries.

Call the organisation on 1300 327 624 or


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