Monto encourages more Legendairy capitals

Legendairy: Monto encourages more towns to nominate

LEGENDAIRY: Monto, Queensland and northern NSW’s inaugural title holder, says there is real value in the funding program.

LEGENDAIRY: Monto, Queensland and northern NSW’s inaugural title holder, says there is real value in the funding program.


Monto, Queensland and northern NSW’s inaugural Legendairy capital, says there is real value in the Dairy Australia funding program.


WITH the search on for Australia’s LEGENDAIRY Capital 2017, Dairy Australia is encouraging those interested in nominating their town to reflect on Monto, Queensland and northern NSW’s inaugural title holder.

The town with a population of just over 1000 used the program’s funding to build new campdraft yards at the local showgrounds.

“It’s been great to profile Monto’s long history and involvement in Queensland’s dairy history and the contribution dairy farmers make to their community,” said Subtropical Dairy’s executive officer Brad Granzin.

“Monto’s farmers are typical of the dairy farmers who produce fresh milk every day for five million people across Queensland and Northern NSW.

“We encourage other great northern Australian milking towns to apply for the next LEGENDAIRY Capital title so they can enjoy the recognition that it brings.”

Helen Goody, who was behind Monto’s nomination, said being a part of the LEGENDAIRY Capital program was a great experience for the area.

“It gave the community a real buzz,” she said. “We’re only a little town but we had a great day when it was announced and it brought together representatives from a lot of community groups.”

Helen said the showgrounds would reap the benefits for years to come. “The new yards are up and running and were used for the last show,” she said. “Everyone said they were great.”

The LEGENDAIRY Capital title gave a particular boost to Monto’s long-running Dairy festival. “It was a pretty big deal,” Helen said. “It gave Monto a bit of a plug and got our name out there. It would be good if we could keep the title forever but we realise we have to hand over to another worthy town.

“It was a fantastic achievement for our town and we encourage other dairying communities across the subtropical region to nominate in 2017 for this fantastic program.”

Dairy Australia is calling on people across Australia’s eight dairy regions - Gippsland, south west Victoria, the Murray region, Tasmania, NSW, South Australia, Western Australia and the subtropical region - to nominate their town for the prestigious title by sharing stories about what makes their town LEGENDAIRY.

One finalist from each of the eight regions will receive $2500 to invest in a community project, and one of those towns will then go on to secure the coveted title of Australia's LEGENDAIRY Capital 2017, receiving an additional grant of $7500.

CLICK HERE to nominate by April 10. 


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