Brangus feeder steers to $1600 at Toogoolawah

Toogoolawah: Brangus feeder steers to $1600

IN DEMAND: Bill Eggleston, Biarra, with Brangus milk tooth steers that sold for $1600 at Toogoolawah on Friday.

IN DEMAND: Bill Eggleston, Biarra, with Brangus milk tooth steers that sold for $1600 at Toogoolawah on Friday.


Younger steers and heifers met strong competition, while bigger steers eased slightly at Toogoolawah on Friday.


YOUNGER steers and heifers met strong competition, while bigger steers eased slightly at Shepherdson and Boyd’s 1580 head Toogoolawah cattle sale on Firday.

Consignments came came from a wide area including Thangool, Biloela, Eidsvold, Mundubbera, Gayndah, Goomeri, Biggenden and lower Burnett, as well as local areas.

PM Fuller, Maleny, sold Brangus steers 24-30 months for $1600 and $1595. Harzer & Co, Mundubbera, sold Droughtmaster steers two years for $1450. D&K Wood sold Simmental milk tooth steers for $1495. W Chapman, Thangool, sold Droughtmaster steers 18 months for $1235, high grade Brahman steers 16-18 months for $1235 and Droughtmaster-cross steers 16 months for $1125 and 12 months Brahman-cross steers for $940. 

Rob and Maree Martin, Jambin, sold a quality line of Charbray, Droughtmaster and Brangus steers 12-14 months for $1155, $1150 and $1105. G&J Brown, Windera, sold Hereford-cross steers 16 months for $1245. Monte Cassino Pastoral Co sold Droughtmaster steers 12-14 months for $1100 and Angus-cross steers for $995. Peter and Brenda McGreevy sold Angus steers 15 months for $1000, with 10-12 months selling for $890. B&A Ahern, Gayndah, sold Charbray steers 12 months for $1070. Kyle Sanguinetti sold Droughtmaster steers two years for $1345. 

I&M MacDonald, Wivenhoe Pocket, sold Angus-cross steers 10-12 months for $985. Chess Park, Eidsvold, sold Droughtmaster steers 12 months for $990 and $980 and a line of six months Angus-cross steers for $920 & $905. Wolff Enterprises, Monto, sold Limousin steers 12 months for $970. AJ Marshall, Nanango, sold Charolais x steers 12 months for $995. G&J Ryan sold Charbray weaner steers for $855 and $875. Jeff Poole, Kilcoy, sold Santa-cross steers 14 months for $1015 and Angus-cross steers 20 months for $1175. Matt Wyvill sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for $1050.

Lakeside Farms sold a top line of Santa-cross heifers 20 months for $1310 and $1100. Mooru Grazing sold Santa heifers 20 months for $1180 and Angus-cross heifers for $1165. Harzer and Co sold Charolais-cross heifers 18 months for $1010. Glenn and Carol Beanland sold Charolais-cross heifers 16 months for $1000 and $970. 

Shane Murphy sold Charolais-cross heifers 12 months for $970. AJ Marshall sold Brahman heifers two years for $1235. Wolff Enterprises sold Limousin-cross heifers 12-14 months for $995 and $850. Jack Lewis sold a great line of Brangus Limousin-cross heifers 12-16 months for $1100.  Triple P Pastoral sold three decks of light condition Charolais-cross heifers 12-14 months from their Windera paddock, selling at $960, $930, $900 and $885. Beryl Kennedy sold Droughtmaster-cross heifers 12 months for $905. 

G&J Ryan, Linville sold Charolais-cross weaner heifers for $980. Tom Perrett, Nanango sold Charbray heifers 12 months for $900. Fernhill Cattle Co sold Droughtmaster heifers 16 months for $1000 and $870. Jeff Poole sold quality Santa-cross heifers 16 months for $1150. Rob and Maree Martin sold two decks of quality Charbray, Droughtmaster and Angus-cross heifers 16 months for $1160, $1110, $1060 and $1020. B&A Ahern sold a line of Charbray heifers 12-14 months for $960, $930 and $900. Dudley Gunthorpe sold Charolais-cross heifers 12 months for $910.

Cows and calves met solid demand, particularly the younger types. David Marshall sold young Blonde-cross cows and calves for $1600. Institutional Investments Pty Ltd sold Droughtmasters for $1600, Charbrays for $1500 and Droughtmasters for $1480. Graham and Leanne Bischoff sold aged Droughtmaster cows and calves for $1600. Colleen Fitzgerald sold Grey Brahman units for $1300. Barnes Grazing Co sold aged Charolais-cross pairs for $1370. The Perrett family, Nanango, sold aged Charbray cows and calves for $1350 and Brahman-cross for $1125.

PTIC Charbray cows sold for $1380 and $1300. G&J Fawkner, Ravensbourne sold PTIC light condition Charolais Santa-cross cows for $1240 and $1200.


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