Producers feeling positive about rising grain prices

Clare Adcock
By Clare Adcock
Updated April 19 2022 - 1:32am, first published April 14 2022 - 10:00pm
Gavin Burey said that grain markets are on the rise, a good indication for the coming wheat season. Photos: Clare Adcock

With the market on the rise and a positive yield prediction, this south west producer is looking at a strong season ahead.

Gavin Burey, Maree Downs Muckadilla, began harvesting his Sorghum crop this week, while planting the last of his oats ahead of the cooler months.



The Bureys also have 540 hectares of Mungbeans in currently, and will plant wheat and chickpeas later in the year.

Mr Burey said the 580 hectares of Sorghum, both the Cracka and Taurus varieties, were ready to be harvested after four months in the ground, and he was expecting a yield between three to four tonnes per hectare.

"We had a good break towards the end of last year where we had a couple hundred millimetres, which gave us three feet of moisture through our cropping country," he said.

"Then January, February and March were very average.

"We've had 140mm total in crop rain on the Sorghum, but it still performed well and just probably shows what you can do on three feet of stored moisture."

Burey Grains purchased the silos and depot at Muckadilla in 2017, a move that Mr Burey says has been a great addition to their operation.

The Burey's are heading into winter in a promising position with a full moisture profile and the climbing market prices, albeit from the dire circumstances in eastern Europe.

When asked what he thought the market was doing currently, Mr Burey said it was "definitely going north."

"Obviously wheat has been driven up by the problems in Russia and Ukraine," he said.

"So, I suppose it's dragging sorghum and the other grains along with it.

"They're probably some of the best prices we've seen.

"With the increase in costs for fertilizer, fuel and chemical, you sort of need a bit more at the other end to pay for all of those things."

It was the beginning of the sorghum harvest at Maree Downs this week.

Mr Burey purchased the Muckadilla grain silos and depot in 2017 and says it has been a "fantastic" addition to the Burey Grains operation, particularly when allowing more time for marketing post harvest.

"It's great being able to store all your grain in the silos and then market post harvest rather than trying to market pre harvest and putting yourself at risk of having to deliver X amount of grain of a certain quality," he said.

"This way, we put it in the silos and do our marketing post harvest, and then you've got six months to market and deliver it to an end user, using your own trucks.

"With the depot just down here, we can waltz in 24 hours a day. It's pretty bloody good."



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Clare Adcock

Clare Adcock

Roma Journalist - Queensland Country Life

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