Heifers 280-330kg top at 841c

Heifers 280-330kg top at 841c


There were 5202 cattle and 5266 sheep from Qld offered online last week.


Queensland cattle numbers totalled 5202 head last week, back 580 head. Southern Queensland dominated the purchasing regions, securing 2496 head.

NSM cows and calves averaged $3555/head, falling $583 from the previous week. A line of Aberdeen Angus cows from Monto aged four to five years returned $3460/head and will travel to Glen Innes, NSW. The same vendor offered a line of six PTIC cows aged four to five years which returned $2750/head.

PTIC heifers averaged $2595/head, back $191. Two even lines of Santa cross Charolais heifers from Goondiwindi aged 20 to 26 months weighing 509kg liveweight returned $2840/head and will travel to Dalby.

Heifers weighing between 200-280kg averaged 632c, back 11c. A line of 13 five to eight-month-old Santa Gertrudis heifers from Warwick weighing 201.5kg liveweight returned 710c liveweight.

Heifers weighing between 280-330kg averaged 599c, back 28c. Topping the category was a line of Holstein Friesian/Speckle Park NSM future breeder heifers from Gatton. The heifers are aged seven to 11 months, weigh 328kg liveweight and returned 841c liveweight.

Weaner steers weighing from 200-280kg averaged 672c, up 13c. A line of Droughtmaster/Angus steers from Texas aged seven to nine months weighing 212kg liveweight returned 751c and will travel to Urulla, NSW.

Steers weighing between 330-400kg averaged 563c, up 7c. A line of 60 Santa Gertrudis/Angus backgrounder steers from Injune weighing 341kg liveweight returned 619.3c and will travel to Quirindi, NSW.


Queensland sheep numbers totalled 5266 head last week, back 2570 head.

Crossbred lambs averaged 464c, back 25c. A line of 477 head of Merino/Dohne/White Suffolk wether lambs from Talwood weighing 32.3kg liveweight returned 495c and will travel to Guyra, NSW.

NSM Merino ewe hoggets averaged $268/head, back $22, with the category returning a 32 per cent clearance. A line 285 16 to 18-month-old future breeder ewe hoggets from Ilfracombe returned $190/head and will travel to Cobar, NSW.


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