Weaners in high demand at Laidley

Weaners in high demand at Laidley


A total of 362 head of cattle were sold at Laidley on Thursday.


Stariha Auctions sold 362 head at the rain-affected Laidley cattle sale on Thursday.

Weaners and cows and calves were in high demand, with competition strong for all descriptions.

Dan Richards, Kilcoy, sold lines of cows and calves for $3000, $2950 and $2850.

James King, Hattonvale, sold Droughtmaster steers for $2340 and $2100.

The Olm Family, Ropeley, sold lines of Brangus steers for $2100, $1930 and $1640.

Merv Swindells, Mt Whitestone, sold Charolais weaner steers for $1775 and heifers for $1520.

The Lehmann Family, Coolana, sold lines of five to six-month-old steer calves for $1610 and $1440.

Wanpela Samting, Mt Whitestone, sold lines of Charbray weaner heifers for $1810, $1700, $1520 and $1470 and steers for $1550.

Peter Cahill, Laidley, sold a Droughtmaster bull for $2400.

James Pratten, Kilcoy, sold cows and calves for $2950, $2875 and $2300.

Bernie Baker, Blenheim, sold Droughtmaster cows for $2180.

Matthew Smith, Crows Nest, sold Santa cows for $1950, weaner steers for $1575 and $1540 and vealer heifers for $1240.

Rodney Doyle, West Haldon, sold a Droughtmaster bull for $2350 and steers for $1760.

Carpendale Pty Ltd sold a line of mixed-breed store cows for $1800.

Tod Eadie, Blenheim, sold pens of Santa heifers for $1790 and $1780.

Jana Schmitke, Lowood, sold Santa heifers for $1900.

Coopers Road Property, Willowbank, sold Charbray steers for $1800, Limousin steers for $1580 and Charbray heifers for $1550 and $1540.

James Glasby, Murphys Creek, sold a steer for $2500.

George Miller, Mt Whitestone, sold lines of Brahman steers for $1790 & $1450.

Collins Grazing, Anduramba, sold Charbray weaner steers for $1600 and $1400.

Eclipse Constructions, Marburg, sold a line of Charbray weaner steers for $1500.

Ballinlina Beef, Glamorganvale, sold Brangus male calves for $1460 & $1400 and heifers $1560.

Albert Welk, Mt Berryman, sold Charolais weaner heifers for $1600.

Hansens Run, Left Hand Branch, sold Brahman weaner heifers for $1460.

Val Reichle, Moore, sold Charolais weaner heifers for $1490.

Henry Muller, Stockyard, sold lines of Santa weaners, with steers making $1540 and heifers $1610.

Barry Masters, Blenheim, sold Droughtmaster vealer heifers for $1300.

Troy McSweeny, Kilkivan, sold a Jersey cow and calf for $1920.

Ron Gehrke, Summerholm, sold a pen of Droughtmaster cows and calves for $2600.


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