Yearling heifers to restockers sell to 568c, average 561c at Toowoomba

Yearling heifers to restockers sell to 568c, average 561c at Toowoomba


Prices increased on the restocker cattle at Toowoomba.


The supply of stock reduced to 231 cattle at Toowoomba.

The overall quality of the yarding was generally good with quality lines of well bred feeder and restocker steers and heifers on offer along with a handful of crop finished heavy steers and cows.

The regular panel of feeder buyers plus local and interstate restockers filled the walkways along with several export processors. Once again prices increased on the restocker cattle by 9c to 30c/kg.

Light weight yearling steers to background made to 638c/kg. A good sample of yearling steers in the 200kg to 280kg range averaged 607c and sold to 638c/kg. Yearling steers to feed for the domestic market made to 606c and averaged 578c with one B muscled steer with show-ring potential selling for 618c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers to feed sold to 554c and averaged 486c/kg.

Yearling heifers in the 200kg to 280kg range to restockers or background averaged 561c and sold to 568c/kg. Heavy yearling heifers to feed sold to 538c and averaged 488c/kg.

Bullocks to processors sold to 402c and averaged 394c/kg. Heavy score 4 cows averaged 362c and sold to 368c/kg. Light weight yearling bulls to restockers made 592c to average 561c/kg. High yielding heavy bulls to export processors sold for 377c/kg to return $4432/head.

Best bulls ex Nobby weighing 1175kg returned $4432. Best cows ex Cambooya reached 368c/kg to return $2190. Heavy heifers sold to $2711 weighing 695kg.

Angus feeder steers weighing 402kg selling to 546c/kg. Limousin steer calves with showing potential selling to 618c/kg to return $2070. Restocker Angus heifers a/c Perrin & Vonhoff, Crows Nest, sold to 554c/kg to return $1336. Lightweight Angus steers returned to the paddock for 626c/kg realising $1464, ex Southbrook.


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