PTIC heifers reach $2950/hd

PTIC heifers reach $2950/hd


There were 6161 cattle and 7346 sheep from Qld offered online last week.


Queensland cattle offering decreased by 1561 head last week to total 6161 head. Southern Queensland was the second largest purchasing region, securing 1654 head.

SM cows and calves sold from $2130 to $3300/hd to average $2750/hd. Santa Gertrudis cows from Richmond aged three to 14 years weighing 470kg returned $2230 and will travel to Corfield.

PTIC heifers sold from $1700 to $2950/hd to average $2338/hd. Droughtmaster heifers from Rolleston aged 28 to 34 months weighing 469kg returned $2350/hd and will journey to Prenzau.

Heifers 330-400kg sold from 340c to 544c/kg to average 458c. Shorthorn heifers from Roma aged seven to 10 months weighing 332kg returned the top price and will travel to Narrabri, NSW.

Heifers 280-330kg sold from 361c to 634c to average 491c. Composite/Brangus backgrounder heifers from Springsure aged 13 to 18 months weighing 286kg returned 529c and will travel to Inverell, NSW.

Steers 280-330kg sold from 405c to 619c to average 539c. Angus seven to 10-month-old steers from Meandarra weighing 291kg returned 619c and will travel to Cambooya.

Steers over 400kg sold from 367c to 473c to average 424c. Charolais cross yearling feeder steers aged 12 to 28 months weighing 406kg returned 449c and will travel interstate to SA.


Queensland sheep listings increased by 2130 head to total 7346 head with Merino wether and lamb categories increasing by 62 per cent and 47pc, respectively.

Merino wether lambs sold from $105 to $161/hd to average $138/hd. Two even lines of Sep/Oct '20 drop wether lambs from Quilpie weighing 47kg returned the top price and will travel to Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Merino wethers sold from $117 to $220/hd to average $168/hd. A line of 19 to 20-month-old Poll Merino wethers from Thallon weighing 69kg returned the top price and will journey to Murray Bridge, SA.

NSM Merino ewes sold from $170 to $245/hd to average $211/hd. A line of 1 to 2.2-year-old ewes from Ilfracombe weighing 51kg returned $230/hd and will travel to Longreach.

Goat highlights from Queensland included a lot of 13 nine to 11-month-old purebred Boer goats from Bollon, which weigh 48kg returned $920/hd. The next highest price of $710/hd also from Bollon was achieved by a line of 44kg Red Boer/Boer cross goats.


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