Beef Australia 2021 Westpac Property Tours| Jarrah Cattle Co, Banana

Becker family welcome visitors to Jarrah Cattle Co at open day

Beef Australia 2021

Beef Australia 2021 - Westpac Property Tours.


Jarrah Cattle Company's vertically-integrated beef cattle business models was at the forefront when the Becker family opened the gates to their Glenarchy property at Banana on Tuesday.

The full-day tour gave attendees a first-hand experience behind the business' commercial, trade and seedstock genetics.

At its heart, Jarrah Cattle Company is a family-owned and hands-on operated cattle breeding business, committed to providing the most relevant, efficient and market-orientated genetics to the Australian beef industry.

Sam Becker said the operation is based on an imperative to develop a fully-accountable and commercially-focused cattle operation.

"Fertility and quality; the major drivers of profit, stand at the forefront. A bull breeding herd was established to supply superior genetics for the commercial herd, to ensure performance of progeny and predictability throughout the business," Mr Becker said.

Discussions centred around the key elements of a beef cattle enterprise, starting from the paddock right through to the consumer.

Herefords Australia chief executive officer Lisa Sharp, who started in her new role two months ago, also spoke on the day about her extensive business and consumer marketing experience.


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