Beef 21 Westpac Property tour: Boreelum

Faces of the Boreelum property tour

Beef Australia 2021

Adam and Jacynta Coffey, Boreelum, Miriamvale welcome visitors to their picturesque and productive property.


Adam and Jacinta coffey, Boreelum, Miriamvale, welcomed about 80 visitors to their property as part of the Beef Australia Westpac property tours.

The couple told their journey of how they were eager to become first generation property owners, firstly by working very hard in the Northern Territory, and then finding and buying Boreelum near Miriamvale.

When they bought Boreelum it was a run down forestry plantation. The couple embarked on a mission to turn the country into a very productive and picturesque grazing operation.

The couple undertook the difficult task of removing 400,000 plantation trees where they planned to graze cattle.

"There was no value in the timber and it was a liability," Adam told the visitors.

Visitors to Boreelum we very inspired by both Adam and Jacynta and took home some very value words of advice.


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