Search over for reputable solar retailer

The search for a reputable solar retailer is over


QDO is partnering with SEBSS to provide solar energy advice for members.


Most homeowners and farmers alike can relate to receiving the spammy marketing phone calls, doorknockers, and junk mail of solar retailers desperate for your business. Unless you already have a solar system installed, you have probably thought maybe it is time to bite the bullet and put up some panels.

Trouble is who do you trust? What is a reasonable price? What size system do you need?

There are a lot of solar retailers out there, but the fact is many of them will not take the time to analyse your power consumption and time of use, which are particularly important for dairy, as most of the energy is used to cool milk, heat water, and irrigate. These activities often occur in the early hours of the morning or late in the evening when solar panels will not be effectively generating energy.

It brings me great excitement to be able to introduce our new 'gold sponsor' Solar Energy & Battery Storage Solutions. SEBSS is an approved solar energy retailer, a member of the Clean Energy Council and a signatory of the CEC code of conduct.

You may already be familiar with the founder, Paul Reynolds. He was formerly a dairy farmer in the Lockyer Valley, so he fully understands the energy use requirements of the dairy industry. In collaboration with QDO, Paul started installing solar on dairy farms in 2011. Since then, he has continued assisting farmers to reduce their energy bills installing over 300 solar systems for Queensland dairy farmers.

Along with their team of innovative electricians, SEBSS also employs consultant Dr Kame Khouzam.

Kame is well qualified to be crunching the numbers of dairy electricity accounts, meter data and designing solar systems but he enjoys this work after retiring from his former work teaching at QUT and before that Cleveland State University. Just to name a few of Kame's qualifications and achievements he has a PhD in photovoltaics (PV), a master's in solar thermodynamic energy conversion, and a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Electrical Engineering.

QDO is proud to partner with SEBSS due to their extensive knowledge and experience with solar systems and dairy energy use. They will provide a one-stop-shop for members offering consultation, analysis, feasibility, design, installation, troubleshooting and servicing of solar and renewable energy equipment for both 'on' and 'off-grid' systems.

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