Isn't it great to celebrate being an Aussie

View From the Paddock: Great to celebrate being an Aussie

Georgetown beef producer, Greg Ryan.

Georgetown beef producer, Greg Ryan.


On Australia Day we attended our shire celebrations and award presentations, and what a great day it was.


On Australia Day we attended our shire celebrations and award presentations, and what a great day it was.

It's the one day of the year when we can reflect on what a great country we actually live in, and recognise some of those in our community that make a real contribution to our society.

During the official proceedings guest speakers commented on how we are the most successful multicultural nation in the world.

Starting off with indigenous culture and then with immigration, it has grown into what we have today, a country where there is hope and opportunity for anyone and everyone who wants to embrace it.

The Australia Day ambassador on the day spoke of how he looks at all the problems in the other countries of the world and thinks, it is true, we do live in the luckiest country of them all.

The most heart-pulling moment of the day for me was when the recipient of the junior sports award took the microphone and after thanking the council for the award, went on to say how proud he was to be a member of the shire.

I thought, "Well good on you mate, you are champion in my eyes and I hope you live around here for a long time. The more people like you we have the better."

If we look back through the generations, one must admit if they are honest, that every new generation gets a better standard of living than the previous, with more opportunities for less effort.

We should be very grateful to those who have come before us, for their life's work has certainly made ours considerably better.

It would be nice next year if instead of having the same old, same old lead up to Australia Day we could all pull together by recognising that we are all better off because of each other and celebrate the Australia that we all know and love today.

We cannot change or live in that past. Recognise our history, and rather than looking back, seize the benefits and opportunities that await us now.

Go forward and make the most of the future. On January 26, 2022 I say, "Be a proud Aussie and let's celebrate Australia Day".

- Greg Ryan, Georgetown beef producer


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