Showgirl program helps develop confidence

View From the Paddock: Showgirl program develops confidence


The Showgirl program is an incredible opportunity for young rural women but also a chance to develop invaluable life skills.

2019 Showgirl Miss Popular Lyndal Tuttle.

2019 Showgirl Miss Popular Lyndal Tuttle.

As I sit and write my first View from the Paddock column, I am looking at just that; a view from one dry, dusty and burnt paddock.

Life of a rural women is unpredictable to say the least. As many could relate, the days are long, hard and uncertain for what will unfold.

Personally, how I see it; our role is to help, support and take the pressure away, even if it only temporarily.

The appreciation I have for the generations of rural women who have paved the way before us, words can't describe.

Today, I am sitting watching a controlled burn that will hopefully encourage that very rare "R" word that we are all in desperate need of.

My days, merely a year ago, looked a whole lot different.

Just over a year ago, I was working a 9-5 job, living minutes from town and was able to "switch off" at the end of each night - it was bliss!

Living in a small rural town where the community spirit is higher than the water levels brought great opportunities - from sporting teams to musical groups and everything in between.

The local show was a highlight for all - somewhere to show off and showcase the pride and joy of a years' worth of hard work.

Being a third generation show enthusiast, I couldn't wait for my chance to have a go. The Showgirl program is an incredible opportunity for young rural women but also a chance to develop invaluable life skills.

Not only are you enhancing your agricultural knowledge across a broad range of areas but the people you meet and networking that is made within remote, rural and regional shows throughout the state is mind boggling.

Opportunities like the Showgirl movement are so important to utilise, especially for young women living in the rural sector. This program has brought me to where I am today. I wouldn't be able to confidently voice my opinion without my Miss Popular title.

My name is Lyndal Tuttle - a girl who grew up in the small mining and farming town of Clermont, who was crowned Clermont Miss Showgirl 2019, Miss Central Highlands 2019 and Miss Popular Showgirl 2019.

Now thankful for all the opportunities that have presented themselves, including this column, I hope to bring you light and positivity in these testing times from a rural woman's point of view.

- 2019 Showgirl Miss Popular Lyndal Tuttle


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