Producers to benefit from easier NVD system

Have you updated your NVD forms?


Producers will benefit from changes to the National Vendor Declaration (NVD) this year, with an easier, more efficient and costeffective system.


Producers cannot sell livestock in 2021 without the most up to date National Vendor Declaration forms.

From January 1, only the updated versions of all NVDs (072) will be accepted for sheep, goats and cattle.

The updated versions are the result of a review of National Vendor Declarations by SAFEMEAT in 2019.

The main changes to NVDs for all species include removal of Part C (Agent's Declaration), which is rarely used by industry and is not required for any legislative reason, and the inclusion of a 'destination PIC' section, which is a legislative requirement in WA and Tasmania, and will be optional for other states.

Sheep NVDs include a new section for the number of electronic devices included in the consignment to accommodate the mandatory use of electronic NLIS in Victoria and its increasing use in other states.

Updated versions of the NVD for all species are available now, identified by version number 0720.

As part of the MLA Accelerated Adoption Initiative announced in November 2019, there will be no cost for the latest NVD books until June 30.

LPA accredited producers, feedlots and value chain stakeholders who use the eNVD platform can automatically access the updated versions.

Previous versions of NVDs for all species (cattle, EU cattle, sheep and lambs, goats and bobby calves) will no longer be accepted after December 31, 2020.

The eNVD is a mobile friendly, digital alternative to paper-based NVDs and enables all consignment paperwork to be completed digitally, including livestock assurance and health declarations.


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